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  1. Flosstradamus


    Infistar doesn't block programs like BE does. If you remove BE then rip your server lol.
  2. Flosstradamus

    Creating a mission file

    No he actually pm'd me with some nonsense and when I told him to leave me alone he reported my private message saying he never contacted me LOL
  3. Flosstradamus

    Creating a mission file

    Uncle ben isn't racist rofl. That is all i'm going to say on the matter.
  4. Flosstradamus

    To Exile Staff: Am I allowed to do this?

    You can edit it how you wish you just can't repack it and upload it somewhere.
  5. Flosstradamus

    Exile 1.0.4 Bugs Megathread !! READ THE RULES!!

    Thread cleaned up. Follow the format in the OP
  6. Flosstradamus

    Website -> Server List -> Sort by Players

    Honestly i can't be arsed to take time out of my busy life to watch the servers page and delete servers that are dead. Thats what the report feature is for.
  7. Flosstradamus

    Website -> Server List -> Sort by Players

    To be fair most people don't even use that part of the website to find servers anyways. They all use a3launcher
  8. Flosstradamus

    Admin kik infistar global ban

    Use the above discord link. Locked.
  9. Flosstradamus

    ExilePlayerInSafezone in Server context?

    Dude who pissed in your cheerios? You yourself had no idea what was going on and you came here for an answer and people trying to help you out and you turn into this know it all and are very rude. Thats a quick way to get the boot off of our forums.
  10. Flosstradamus

    Looking for help putting a complicated server together

    Guess I was told something completely different. Next time don't continue telling me to go kill myself for 6+ months via steam chat and maybe you wouldn't be banned for being a toxic asshole.
  11. Flosstradamus

    Exile's Toast IDD / HPP related stuff

    Just so you're aware you aren't allowed to dismantle Infistar like that. @infiSTAR
  12. Flosstradamus

    Looking for help putting a complicated server together

    I never told you anything to not warn people about Mezo. I just told you that I think mezo is a piece of SHIT. But you did advertise a server. Read our rules you can't drop server names in any posts and you also can't name and shame. Mezo isn't on our moderator team and hasn't been on it for a few months now. He was removed.
  13. Flosstradamus

    EXILE stribt aus !!!

    Come on guys you know the rules. English only outside of the German Forum
  14. Flosstradamus

    Looking for help putting a complicated server together

    First of all. Mezo is a piece of shit i'll say that gladly. But we have 2 rules on this forum and 1 is no name and shame and i'm sure the other one should be obvious server advertisement. I'll remove those 2 pieces from your post.
  15. Flosstradamus

    Militarized Servers!

    Read the rules. No server advertisements outside of exilemod.com/servers !