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  1. BadBullet

    [Guide] Custom Vehicle Spawn (Air/Ground/Water)

    Why do you need that download , just follow the instructions instead in first post
  2. BadBullet

    [Guide] Custom Vehicle Spawn (Air/Ground/Water)

    The links do nor appear to be broken for me i just opened them up fine
  3. BadBullet

    Wacky Warriors Dayz/Exile

    We are a new server on the lovely map of chernarus redux , We have many features already implemented and are looking to add more in the near future , Please come along and spend a few relaxed hours getting chased by zombies around the streets of cherno . Join us via A3L by clicking the RED button in the top right . We are trying to make the server a hard yet rewarding experience that hopefully players will enjoy . We have active admins and are always open to ideas and suggestions that will improve everyone experience of these greats mods .
  4. BadBullet

    First Time Hosting a Server

    Try this it should more than good enough
  5. i think the new suggested prices and balances will go along way to getting more variety of vehicles used and bought instead of just striders that you tend to find at the moment .
  6. BadBullet

    XM8 does not appear after hitting 6

    I know that if you have picked up a watch or equipped a watch by mistake it replaces your XM8