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  1. HoboSavior

    Server,Client: Object not found

    i have the same issue. however, another post w/ replies from several sources (people i consider to be very knowledgeable in the Arma community) said it's common and nothing that can be done about it. here's the post i read: http://www.exilemod.com/topic/10221-objects-not-found/
  2. HoboSavior

    [Updated] Claim Non-Persistent Vehicles

    great script, thank you so much for sharing
  3. HoboSavior

    HAP mod adds over 300 items

    great to hear. i'm going to do 1 more update on 4.20 and then i'll leave it be so people don't have to worry about being up to date every month
  4. HoboSavior

    HAP mod adds over 300 items

    i resigned the .pbos this morning, should be good to go now. just make sure you get the updated version from Steam. let me know if you have any issues or want anything specific added, i'll get it in on the next update
  5. HoboSavior

    HAP mod adds over 300 items

    i'll try resigning the file and update it tomorrow morning. sorry about that. it's my first addon so i could have made an error during signing. i use it on my server, but i don't check keys right now.
  6. HoboSavior

    Lots of New Weapon Skins

    Check out all these new weapon skins,!
  7. HoboSavior

    Uniform/Vest Disappear Bug Fix

    i haven't tested this on my server yet, cuz i'm waiting for the next scheduled restart. however, much thanks in advance amigo. i was about to try and remove all the bugged gear, but this is better. on a side note, does anyone know where i could find a list of the gear that is currently bugged?
  8. HoboSavior

    HAP mod adds over 300 items

    all the armor (helmets, vests, etc..) are done w/ the latest hitpoints example:
  9. hey man,

    i saw your 'Looking For Staff' post in the forums and just thought i would touch base.  i basically do a bit of everything.  i enjoy graphics the most, but i code, map edit, 3d model design w/ Blender (still pretty green, but decent) and more.  i recently setup an Exile Cherno server, but it's hard to get players to join, especially when starting by yourself.  ideally i would like to help develop a server under your brand (for lack of a better term).  i would like to have a strong influence on the overall layout of the server, the website relating to it, the mods used and so on, but that's ideally.   i don't care about who admins/mods it as long as they are non-abusive.  i basically just want a place to showcase my work, but again that's my ideal situation and i don't imagine that's exactly what you're looking for.  however, perhaps we can find a balance that would help both of us achieve our goals, not that you haven't already achieved AWESOME SERVER STATUS.  i've seen a lot of your work and posts throughout forums, i'm familiar with you guys.  feel free to check out what i've done so far for my little server, i do every aspect alone right now.  you can check it out at:


    i also recently released my HAP mod on Steam and A3Launcher and i will be adding more and more items to it often.

    i'm currently trying to work on a weapon paint shop for Exile since my addon pack has tons of weapon skins and i'm adding more all the time.

  10. HoboSavior

    HAP mod adds over 300 items

    yeah, as u can see by my post amount i'm fairly new. i didn't realize the forums page scrolled down so far now that it's in the right place i thought i could add to this post as i add to my addon. i tossed in some "HazMat" sytle outfits that i like to use on the AI located inside the contam. zones. i do plan to bring in custom 3d models in the near future, but for now this works pretty good based off existing Arma 3 models.
  11. HoboSavior

    Enigma Exile Deploybike + Respect Vehicles

    thank you for another great script! everything worked great for me exactly as described. i did have to mess w/ some BE filters, but other than that smooth sailing. here are the filters i had to add: scripts.txt add to the end of line #14 (starts w/ 7 addAction) publicvariable.txt (make sure to include a space after the last entry on line 2) add to the end of line #2 deleteVehicle.txt (make sure to include a space after the last entry on line 2) add to the end of line #2 i'm more a graphics guy than a coder, but this worked for me
  12. HoboSavior


    This is a brand new server (03.19.16). Our server is home of the HAP mod, created by HoboSavior. It features over 300 new items and textures including vehicles, weapons, helmets, backpacks, vests and uniforms. We even have tons of new weapon and vest textures for the Marksmen gear! We will continue to add new items and textures to the HAP mod every two weeks allowing us to continually bring in more things the players want to see. This is a brand new community and we need your help to make it grow. We currently have player ranks, roaming ai (not OP either), ai missions, custom map edits and more. HAP mod is available through Steam or on the A3Launcher Below are just some of the items featured in the HAP mod, and we'll be adding more and more based off what you want to see. Visit us at www.SonsOfArma.com to learn more. we created HAP mod and we add new items to it every week! over 300 new items including vests, helmets, weapons, backpacks, uniforms and vehicles we have over 70 custom textures for vehicles in Exile gotta watch out for these AI in the contamination zones!
  13. HoboSavior

    HAP mod adds over 300 items

    i recently released an addon pack which is now available on Steam as well as A3Launcher. my HAP mod includes new vehicles (which, w/ Exile, you can use as individual vehicles or paint textures), weapons, backpacks, helmets, vests and uniforms. Steam: HAP (HoboArmaPack) here is a very small portion of what's included.
  14. HoboSavior

    Backpack! Backpack!

    Exploring the woods of Esseker w/ my Backpack, Backpack! It's loaded up w/ things, and knickknacks too Exploring puts a big smile on my face
  15. HoboSavior

    HAP mod over 250 items!

    i take requests too, just let me know what you'd like to see in the addon. Here is a better video that highlights a bit more. i added 30+ items from the Marksmen addon and plan to add a bunch more tomorrow. a bunch =)