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  1. i want to add Ravage to my exile but i'm not sure how to do so. i wanted to ask if anyone has or knows how to and if so could you help me please. Thank you http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29638
  2. Theres is a point of having cannibals adds more different kinds of people to play as plus its free food... Its like why do bandits attack people? For loot cause its survival..
  3. It does go into survival... not everyones good people will turn to what ever they can for food look at Walking Dead or Mad Max people will do what they have to killing an eating others is just part of the survival
  4. I do too but its survival...and everyones food, plus if we are all imates,some my be cannibals
  5. I had an idea of cannibalism for the mod This would give the player a different style of play add different parts you can eat Different effects it can causeAdd maybe a new trader for cannibals add bone armor or cars with bones Effigy like in "The Forest