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  1. happydayz

    [XM8 APP] Enigma XM8 Security

    I've opened up the repo for this again. Its still the old version, but if anyone wants to port it to the new Exile method of opening apps, go for it and I will merge any pull requests. Otherwise if I get enough people asking me to do it, I'll do it over my break in a few weeks time. https://github.com/3N1GMA-HPY/Enigma_Exile_XM8Security
  2. Hello, for some reason exile crafting doesn`t work on my server, unfrortunately i bought it and don`t know what was changed. In game you press craft and nothing happends. It would be very nice if you could tell me how this can be fixed or at least, where are the configs and other files wich are responsible for craft? 

  3. Hey i'm sorry but i have a question, i were giving feedback on an Exile server hosted by a guy in the Exile Dev Team. I was curious if that's a private matter or something i can take up here? Because receiving a permanent ban from their discord and server for giving feedback is out of the world to me.

  4. happydayz

    1.0.3 Custom Loot Table Hotfix

    look at mezo's post at the start. it lists the changes you can manually carry out.
  5. happydayz

    [SOLVED] Watch Out Guys

    installing a copy of your infi to anyone else's server will result in your infi licence being revoked. just a warning.
  6. happydayz


    Thanks guys. I'll go through it tonight for the update
  7. happydayz


    Tell me the errors and I'll fix in git for next update and credit you. Simple.
  8. happydayz

    FIGHT !!!

    I did glance at how they did it once. And it's not scripted from memory. From what I could see it was engine side and configs.
  9. happydayz

    FIGHT !!!

    From the bit I've looked at melee. The issue lies in the fact that any melee weapon is still a "gun" that shoots. Getting it to be a reliable way of killing someone is tricky from the bit I played with in the past. Your option is either scripting it entirwly and deleting the bullet. Or trying to have the bullet delay and hit just the right spot at the end of swing only.
  10. happydayz

    Community Spotlight: Exile Life

  11. happydayz

    Community Spotlight: Exile Life

    ????????? ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  12. happydayz

    Looting locked vehicles

    theres 2 things that could have gone wrong... either the lock setting (vanilla arma locking) is incorrectly being set to unlocked, or the _objectsetVariable ["ExileIsLocked",-1,true]; has been INCORRECTLY set onto the vehicle. //when a vehicle is UNLOCKED you should have these return true ((locked _vehicle) isEqualTo 0) ----- should return true AND ((locked _vehicle) != 1) you can manually set these by for example running the code: _vehicle lock 0; thats just a little nudge in the right direction. Look in the file ExileClient_object_player_event_onInventoryOpened if either othem popped true on a vehicle the inventory would not open.
  13. happydayz


    Merry Christmas Everyone! Stay safe and enjoy this special time with loved ones! Happydayz and the ExileLife Team
  14. pushed to main branch thanks @MGTDB
  15. hello HappyDayz

    i have a Problem about your revive script then i click peform CPR nothing happends i set alle wath do you say in


    In DMS config.sqf ensure that the following is set:

    DMS_ai_offload_Only_DMS_AI = true; The AI that was being spawned are being taken over by DMS and this will NOT WORK IF YOU HAVE IT SET TO FALSE!!!!! (which it is by default!)