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  1. Dedicated server? What CPU?
  2. You probably won't get unbanned, but you should head to his Discord https://discord.gg/jg8zVFF
  3. Well server FPS isn't the cause for this issue... But 7 server FPS with 20 players is way to low IMO. I think with my server it was maxed out with more shit on the map with 20 players... And almost 400 server threads... are you using ExileZ 2?
  4. How?
  5. Oh yeah I did put the maps on the SSD since they are read constantly I think, I think this is also a causes of the lag when you zoom in
  6. I have mods on HDD and game on SSD, works prrfect almost no FPS issues
  7. Try other server maybe ur playing on first person only server
  8. Make sure that you added it to the mission.SQM correctly. class Item0 needs to be added to class Sensors. If you don't have this class you can create one (I believe, don't know sure if this also works with new mission.sqm layout). Make sure items = 5; is the same as the amount of items you have in the sensor class. If you only use 1 sensor then it would be; items = 1;. Make sure the position[x,z,y] matches the place where you want your PVP zone. a and b (under position) is the radius in which the toast message will be displayed (in this case in a radius of 100). Lastly, make sure the path to the toast message script is correct (in this case Custom\blackmarket.sqf) If you still can't figure it out, don't hesitate to ask for help. I don't bite
  9. you can use this as an example, I provided a mission.sqm which is linked to a toast message script which is posted a few posts down
  10. Basically yes, however obviously since the map is not 100% the same the triggers won't be 100% correct. However you can use this as a good starting point.
  11. Place traders in initPlayerLocal.sqf
  12. Decrease player amount until you can fix it. InfISTAR ingame has an option to display server stats, you can try posting that here
  13. You mean the color filter?