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  1. Decrease player amount until you can fix it. InfISTAR ingame has an option to display server stats, you can try posting that here
  2. You mean the color filter?
  3. Try deleting Exile Mod and download again. Seems corrupted
  4. Upload RPT
  5. most rcon tools are 'noob friendly', 'hard part' is setting up if you don't know what your doing
  6. Hello I want to change when you are <50% health you start walking slow. I prefer something like 25. Which file shoud I look into to change that? Thanks for responding GolovaRaoul
  7. This version works better then the version on GitHub! Also looks better written.
  8. As title says Time to open up the wiki for community editing?
  9. https://github.com/secondcoming/Persistent-Vehicle-Spawns
  10. Exile is really 'easy' mod, it's structure is very easy to understand. If you play around with it for a while you could come up with MGT's answer if you just think logically.
  11. Mauve infistar?
  12. Holy shit this looks cool! And thanks for the credits ^^ A+ for effort
  13. I like Geekm0nkeys post because mostly I find the questions useful, also for other purposes then the question itself. Maybe he posts much but I don’t think that there’s a rule where it says that there’s a max amount of questions you can ask ;P B- for my own English knowledge