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  1. Irkutsk38

    64bit Server

    да . так сказал Eichi
  2. Irkutsk38

    64bit Server

    Как разработчики сказали они не будут делать extdb3 (поддержки не будет) .
  3. Irkutsk38

    Пропали полицейские патрули

    Exile Occupation v65a
  4. Irkutsk38

    [Release] R3F-Waste Dump Override

    infiSTAR v0072 /* server side check for the famous "wastedump dupe" as well as client side cooldown */ fix_wastedump_dupe = "false";
  5. Советую снести систему linux Centos 7 и место него установить windows server 2008 ,2012 или есть 2016 поставить лучше его . Так как на линуксе ты будешь долго мучиться . Если нужна помощь настройке пиши мне в лс . Страница на вк у меня профиле .
  6. Hello! I on the server have a sales problem of boxes from transport . When I sell a box the car vanishes I use a script : In logs of an infistr and server everything an order of mistakes is not noticed . Version infistra 14-January-2017 v0071 . On the version 068a of problems such is not present . 1.log infistar : 2: log rpt :
  7. Irkutsk38

    Ошибка exile_client

    Перекачай мод exile на сервер и клиент .
  8. Irkutsk38

    [Release] R3F-Waste Dump Override

    Yes there is such problem. Too I can't solve this problem. This question needs to be asked at infiSTAR
  9. Irkutsk38

    [Release] Panthera/Winthera Exile Files

    Thank you so much . And you have server files of the map Isla Abramia ?
  10. Irkutsk38

    [Release] Panthera/Winthera Exile Files

    Hi. I can't download server files in . It is possible to transfer server files on
  11. Купить подвозчик припасов (грузовик) если есть в продаже на сервере где ты играешь . А так спрашивай у админов .
  12. Irkutsk38

    Admin menu!

    Открыть глаза и поискать на форуме
  13. Irkutsk38

    IMS - Development Paused

    Ok. Thanks for the answer.
  14. Irkutsk38

    IMS - Development Paused

    I welcome! And it is normal when the General lies on the earth? Altis.
  15. Irkutsk38

    [FIX] Death Loop Bug

    It isn't urgent any more. The post needed to be closed long ago.
  16. Hi, everybody! I have a problem after updating of an infistar to v0068a . After opening of the terminal from fashion @CDAH Mod Pack Players begins to kikat servers . There are any ideas to correct this problem . I apologize for my bad English P.S.: Before such problem wasn't v0066
  17. Irkutsk38

    [SOLVED] KICKLOG CDAH Mod Pack Arma 3 1.66

    The subject can be closed. The problem is solved.
  18. Irkutsk38

    [SOLVED] KICKLOG CDAH Mod Pack Arma 3 1.66

    Undertow Arma 3 to 1.64 infistar to v0066 . There are no problems yet . On version 1.66 v0068a It is more problems (jambs) .
  19. Irkutsk38

    [SOLVED] KICKLOG CDAH Mod Pack Arma 3 1.66

    Yes In v66 it there were no problems
  20. Hi, everybody! After the Arma 3 updating till 1.66 in the status bar where online doesn't show the number of players . There is an idea how to correct or it is possible a fix?
  21. Irkutsk38

    Проблема с заходом на сервер

    Не скачан мод EXO . Заходи на сервер через A3Launcher
  22. Irkutsk38

    Проблемы с отображением модов

    Бывает такое не обращай внимания .