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  1. Hey Zupa Awesome work man love this script!!!!! Can you tell me where can i change the weapon box and what in it and also the vehiclebox Thanks man

    [SOLVED] 1.58 Bug Fixes/Discussion

    and BOOOOOOM another Arma update 1.3gb WTF!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi does any1 have the classnames for the new 1.6 update of cup weapons

    FuMS -Advanced- CTF, Captives, Zombies, and more

    Hi guys I would like to know if there is a option if players do missions with artillery (Mortar,tanks ext....)then they loose the mission. I want them to force doing it on foot or with smaller vehicles Yes, i know just take the artillery out but that is my last resort. Thanks

    Cup Weapons 1.6 Update New Classnames

    sweet man will wait for you

    Cup Vehicles 1.3 classnames

    Hi does any1 have the new added class names of update 1.3 for cup vehicles

    [CLOSED] Advanced Banking

    uhm does some1 have a file for atm in chernarus or must i add atm's trough eden
  8. Thanks man!!!! U Rock!!!!!
  9. Hey guys Awesome script Zupa!!!!! i just want to know for FUMS support where do i copy the "fumsinit.sqf" file? Must it be in the FUMS folder under something? Thanks

    Chernarus Radiation Zone problem

    what was the problem as i want to add this to my server

    FuMS -Advanced- CTF, Captives, Zombies, and more

    Hi guys I have a strange issue do not know if some1 already reported it but if i use FUMS missions on HC and also use DMS missions on server if i shoot any AI from FUMS i dont get pop tabs or respect but if i shoot DMS AI i get pop tabs and respect. If i remove DMS the FUMS AI get pop tabs any reason why? Thanks

    HLC Mod and Exile

    Hey Hey you awesome guys at EXILE land i just want to ask is there anyway in this green blue happy world that you guys and the ppl from Half Life Creations (HLC) can join together to add the mod to exile as a standard? The mod is epic it adds lots of new guns and optics and all goodies............. or are you may by busy with your own little ting? Lets face it arma 3 standard guns is awesome but more is better! i know in big country's making a server and add mods to download is not a big problem ppl will make that server full but in small country's like in South Africa our players are to noob to download mods and modded servers are empty . Yeah i know our small guys what are we, we are just a small dot in a big world but hey! our little guys also count for something hehehe. Please keep up the good work and we cant wait for the new update (come on u arma 3 dev guys give us 1.54 already) DEADPOOL OUT

    Cup Terrains + Chernarus = Pond Issue

    Shot!!! thanks man but how do i do that lol

    Using CUP Terrains

    can some please help me with my mission.sqm my server goes in a loop

    CUP Terrains

    Hi guys need help here is my mission.sqm: I am getting the start loop can some1 please help with my file

    RZ infection preventing servers from showing in a3launcher

    hi where do i get this file as i also have this problem and where do i copy it in thanks

    [SOLVED] reboot loop

    hi i am getting this error: and this

    Server locks and kicks all players repeatedly

    Yip Yip same shit here Updated my server today with new infistar and started server it loaded up but at the first server restart with bec it went into a loop and if i take infistar out of start out bat my server works

    [SOLVED] reboot loop

    second_coming u are the man!!!!!!!!! i did download new infistar today and when i took it of server now it booted up

    Database error

    hi i am getting this error: and this and here is apart of my server.rpt that is strange
  21. lololololololol i am such a NOOOOOB!!!! OK got it working thanks to @happydayz for helping me. i forgot a old script for the enigma money on my start.bat and server witch screwed everything around. thanks to all of you that helped

    [SOLVED]Chernarus Radiation

    ok back to chernarus did u get it fixed and please post the fix as i want it also
  23. Hey Hey yeah i did put it in @exile_server folder and also did remove it from startup bat. and for the other issue we muist be very careful on how we take things if we read it as it may sound bad but the meaning was good behind it but thanks for coming up for me.