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  1. Monztuh_Angel

    Exile 1.0.4 Bugs Megathread !! READ THE RULES!!

    so where do I find the "ExileServer_object_vehicle_network_retrieveVehicleRequest" file???
  2. Monztuh_Angel

    Exile 1.0.4 virtual garage store/retrieval not working

    in your @ExileServer\extDB\sql_custom_v2
  3. Monztuh_Angel

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Does anyone know how to add a Poptab reward for killing ai instead of only getting respect?
  4. Monztuh_Angel

    Add poptabs to lootcrates

    Inside the a3_dms unpacked pbo in the config.
  5. Monztuh_Angel

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Hey for some reason im not getting any Poptabs for killing AI in the town raids/invasions. Im able to get poptabs for all other kills/missions besides the VEMFr invasions, it was working now its not??
  6. Monztuh_Angel

    Vector building

    Thank you! I will definitely be buying more than 1!
  7. Monztuh_Angel

    Vector building

    Can you send me a PM with the info to where I can buy the full/paid version my self?
  8. Monztuh_Angel

    R3F Exile

    hm the one I have is actually from 7/15/18 to 9/30/18 but anyways I found out where the crates are named and stuff so ima give this a go!
  9. Monztuh_Angel

    R3F Exile

    hey I just noticed that in this OP download link it is the same as the one I got but mine is more updated (2015/2016) so that's fine because inside this R3F_Log folder is French as well. So what I need to know now is where do I find the crates that I want to be abllowed to be transported that spawn in from the missions? like the vemf crates and the dms mission crates?
  10. Monztuh_Angel

    R3F Exile

    Alrite man thanks a lot I'll check it out cuz the one I downloaded in the R3F_log the files are in french like everything I know I downloaded it from exile mod but cant remember which one. To uninstall simply delete the @r3f server mod correct?
  11. Monztuh_Angel

    R3F Exile

    is there a way I can add the big mission crates to work with the R3F? like the occupation missions called Mercenary Base and Slumbase or whatever? most my files are in French...
  12. Monztuh_Angel

    Custom Image on billbords?

    I tried that and nothing happened my image didn't show up
  13. Monztuh_Angel

    [RELEASE] Extended Survival Pack LAST COMPATIBILITY CHECK 05.03.2019

    alrite man no problem! if you have any players that want a pve on altis send em my way if you don't mind