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  1. Has anyone experience a bug with virtual garage duplicating the vehicle after restart? because after restart the vehicle is inside the garage and also outside of it.. and im wondering what went wrong.
  2. We havent installed the newest version of infistar. We install it and it worked, until our server provider stopped working so we moved to OVH (linux) and the virtual garage isnt working at all now.
  3. We havent installed the newest version of infistar, I know of the problem with storing/retrieving vehicles from the VG but i can't even open it..
  4. After installing Virtual Garage on my new server it doesnt seem to work correctly, after restart they can't access their garage from inside of their territory.. by clicking on the virtual garage in the xm8, it doesnt seem to do anything until they make a new territory. Has this happened to anyone else?
  5. I just added the difficulty to my Arma3.arma3profile under "custom" and edited the config to choose that difficulty and all works fine.
  6. The Brendan

    BUG: Death loop simple fix? This is what im using, it seems to do the job well.
  7. The Brendan

    BUG: Death loop simple fix?

    I am using this in my database DELETE FROM `player` WHERE `damage` = 1 to repeat every 4 minutes to delete dead bodies.
  8. The Brendan

    Adding buildings

    Can adding buildings to he mission cause the server to lag? because im planning on adding a couple of military bases to tanoa and i was wondering if there would be any bad side effects?
  9. The Brendan

    Disconnect questions

    Yeah.. thought so i have been through it have seen nothing that would relate to killing a character upon disconnect, I am using Infistar, and some DMS missions and thats about it.
  10. The Brendan

    Disconnect questions

    Why does your character get killed if you disconnect from the server by means of crashing because if i ALT + f4, internet connection lost or and arma 3 error which causes my connect to the server to be lost, it sorta kills my character by put him on the database as DAMAGE=1 and i lose all my progression and so do a lot of other people. So does anyone here have any ideas on a solution to this?
  11. The Brendan

    Fix for Death Loop Bug/Spawn

    But from what i have seen this has made players lose their characters because when they disconnect it kills them and turns into Damage=1 and then the database deletes their character.. or atleast thats how i see it
  12. The Brendan

    Player Fresh spawn after Game Crash or Relog.

    From what i have seen, upon crashing their player gets deleted from the database but that is all i know
  13. The Brendan

    Respawning as dead body

    Yeah, i don't see a fix for people losing their gear when they crash/timeout or just lose connection.. Because when someone crashes the game puts in the database DAMAGE= 1 and kills them.
  14. The Brendan

    Respawning as dead body

    v1.66.139586, that is the current version of our server.
  15. The Brendan

    Respawning as dead body

    v1.66.139586, that is the current version of our server.