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  1. Hello, Loot positions is doable just goda figure it out :P. I could help you out if needed? Yes I use a character to run/ look around and test everything. The thing is, even in the editor, I cannot have the gate open And have it locked for players (preventing them from closing the gate). I can have it closed And locked, but not open And locked. That's a slight problem, but I've removed the gate for now. Thanks, Dutchy
  2. Hello, Hmm no loot spawning what so ever? Have you changed the loot table subjects like CivillianLowerclass/upperclass? It could be you've changed the config file and made it so only 20% of the loot positions are being used? I managed to finish the loot tables and positions for Redux. Worked out perfect :). I have put the gates to open but that features doesn't work with the gates somehow. I can have them open but unlocked. Not locked and open at the same time, which sucks. Maybe a hero will come along and helpout, but who knows ;). Kind regards, Dutchy
  3. Hello, It will be, just have been really busy with my own server. Currently wrestling with the loot tables and positions for Redux. Once I've done the positions I'll put full attention in releasing this :). Apologies for the overdue release! Kind regards, Dutchy
  4. Bezopasno Trader City What is this? Bezopasno is a Apocalyptic version of a trader city for the Chernarusredux map. The project is still a Work in progress however will be released very soon. I've always wanted to make a trader like this and I've finely done it :). I'll be working on the project as much as I can, adding and fixing this as I go. Don't worry I won't add to much as its got quite alot of objects already. Release date Soon™, the first version will be released around 6th of January TO BE ANNOUNCED. Compatibility Currently it will only work for Chernarusredux NOT Chernarus. I will make it usable for Chernarus in a later stage. I know that in the video other mods are used aswel (RHS). Don't worry I'll make sure it will work What's up with the name? The city's name used to be 'Opasnost' which stands for 'Danger', when survivors took over the town they renamed it to 'Bezopasno' which stands for 'Safety'. Good to know The city is located north of 'Rogovo', see map. There are 2 entraces, 1 north and 1 east. Current traders: Office (+Lockers)/ Armory/ Equipment/ Wastedump/ Food. The city is designed for my server which is a hardcore survival server, meaning you can't buy all your goodies and loot. I will add more traders if requested. Issue's Currently I'm struggling to have the gates stay open. By default they are closed and I use "gateA animateSource ["DoorAnimationSource", 1];" to open them. Using "gateA setVariable ["ExileIsLocked", -1,true];" I can lock (which closes it) the gate. However I cannot Open a gate and Lock it, preventing people from trolling (opening/ closing the gate). Disabling simulation isn't working either for some reason. So if anyone has a fix, <3. ToDo list *I'm always open for suggestions* ADD: More traders (Vehicle/ Hardware/ Special Operations). ADD: Field hospital with wounded/ sick people (Fenced area in video). FIX: Gate issue. REDO: Armory and Equipment traders. I hope you'll enjoy my work, feedback is always good :). Kind regards, Dutchy Video https://youtu.be/PNG1RXNWrGc Screenshots
  5. Heya do you still have your chernarus wrecks sqf by any chance ???
    Do you still have by any chance, am currently looking at doing a custom chernarus map with more random stuff baked into the map.

  6. Cool stuff, don't see how its really "new". Maybe new to the exile mod it self, not to the arma community? I'd much rather see like a rusty car, or actual new models that haven't been in Arma before. Don't see the issue of people loading in with addons etc. I know some people still struggle to play on servers that use addons, but... You know... Not really... Launch A3Launcher or the Arma3 launcher, select a server and it will tell you that you're missing mods and that they will download. Once its done you're able to play, same goes if either of the mods are out of date. No need to manually insert any launch parameters or something like that, like we used to in A2. This is no bash, no hate only love . I like the work you guys did and continue todo! Kind Regards, Dutchy
  7. I'd suggest posting some screenshots of your traders :).
  8. Oh and I made this Aircraft Dealer at the NE Airfield Dealers are at the back and aircrafts spawn outside. I was thinking of adding AI that work/ fix the aircrafts in the hangar .
  9. Main post has been update with screenshots of Stary trader. The actual traders are not on the screenshots, I do have them placed (code whise). Let me know what you think, again its still a WIP. BTW, been busy with Balota AF for CUP and been testing around and am a little stuck... Most of the placed objects in the screenshot are not placed correctly, they're simply my in- game library. Now I'm not really happy about the second entrance (Part by firestation etc.) It doesn't feel right... Have tested different compositions and positions/ objects/ structures but I can't think of anything... I had this before : But that didn't feel right either... So if you have a suggestion to maybe help me out that would be great. Kind Regards, Dutchy
  10. Awesome man, more should be on the way soon, very soon...
  11. Very anoying when you think you're placing some objects in a certain order that look cool. However once ran on the server they moved from position, when placing walls this can be a Huge pain...
  12. Hello, Been working on the first Trader for the project, I'm quite happy with how it came out and hope you'll like it. Its not done and still needs a little redo, and I'll probably redo the whole thing because macca's tool isn't accurate. Stuff moves each server restart, there might be a script for it to stop this but shouldn't even be doing this IMO. No I'm not hating on macca... I will release some pictures later today, currently unavailable to get them. I might even release this files but not sure if I want to release unfinished work. Also, I'm working on a Eden tutorial for people that are interested in Map editing them selves. Eden is a great tool with so many cool and handy features, even though its still in Beta. Kind Regards, Dutchy
  13. Splendid work guys!!