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  1. DattoSSS

    extDB2: No Config Option Found: exile

    Hi Torndeco I replaced tbbmalloc with the latest version, only change I made, and my server stuck in 'Waiting for server version" I rolled back to tbbmalloc version 60, and connected easily. I have no idea why.
  2. DattoSSS

    extDB2: No Config Option Found: exile

    Thanks Torndeco, I'll check the files
  3. DattoSSS

    extDB2: No Config Option Found: exile

    Thanks Torndeco, it was the only change I made though and it worked?
  4. DattoSSS

    Database Extension ( Unable to locate)

  5. DattoSSS

    extDB2: No Config Option Found: exile

    BOOM I wound back the tbmalloc.dll to an older version and the server works! Hope this helps others with the same issue. Now for some AI.....
  6. DattoSSS

    extDB2: No Config Option Found: exile

    Hello everyone I have rented a server from Wombat and have added the latest Exile files. I am new to modding servers so I have used the forums extensively to solve the incoming issues. My goal is to start with exile.altis as a learning curve, add AI and other addons, then find another custom map thats a bit different to use once I have my head around the script. Anyway I am to the point where the server hangs on 'receiving server version'. Wombat have been very helpful. Management (Javed) actually sat up past 2.30am emailing me and loading the latest C++ redistributable on my database to assist and making sure strict mode was turned off. I have set up the database using exile sql and updated to the latest version. I have also checked the scripts as has Wombat and no connectivity errors could be found with the [exile] section. I have basically tried every fix I could find in the forums. Wombat have suggested there may be an error in the script above [exile] affecting connection. Could you please have a look at the logs and files and see if you could find the error? Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Server is Windows and the DB is Linux if that makes a difference. Thanks Command Line: -ip= -port=2382 -noPause -noSound -cpuCount=4 -maxMem=2048 -exThreads=7 -cfg=A3DS\basic.cfg -config=A3DS\server.cfg -profiles=A3DS\Profiles -world=empty -mod=@Exile -servermod=@ExileServer Log: extDB2: Version: 70 extDB2: https://github.com/Torndeco/extDB2 extDB2: Windows Version Message: All development for extDB2 is done on a Linux Dedicated Server Message: If you would like to Donate to extDB2 Development Message: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=2SUEFTGABTAM2 Message: Also leave a message if there is any particular feature you would like to see added. Message: Thanks for all the people that have donated. Message: Torndeco: 20/02/15 extDB2: Found extdb-conf.ini extDB2: Detected 8 Cores, Setting up 6 Worker Threads [01:18:29:256675 +00:-1] [Thread 65268] extDB2: No Config Option Found: exile [01:18:29:256675 +00:-1] [Thread 65268] extDB2: Sending Shutdown to Armaserver @ExileServer\extdb-conf.ini: [Main] Version = 5 ;Threads = 0 ; Default Value is the number of CPU Cores Detected (max value is 6, min value is 2) Randomize Config File = false ;This is a legacy option to randomize config file for Arma2 Servers. Only for Windows Builds [Rcon] ;; This is functional, should be working fine. Just needs abit of testing on a $ ;; Allow for changing Address for those running server in a VM environment. IP = Port = 3306 ;; Rcon Password i.e Battleye/beserver.cfg Password = *** ;; Bad Player Name Checks ;; This will only work if your mission / mod has started extDB2 Rcon. i.e 9:START_RCON:RCON Bad Playername Enable = true Bad Playername Kick Message = Bad Player Name ;; By default : is a bad character (used as seperator for extDB2 Calls (this is hardcoded in) Bad Playername Strings = (:):{:} ;;Bad Playername Regex_1 = [:alnum:] ;;Bad Playername Regex_2 = [:alnum:] ;;Bad Playername Regex_3 = [:alnum:] ;; Whitelisting / Reserve Slots ;; This will only work if your mission / mod has started extDB2 Rcon. i.e 9:START_RCON:RCON Whitelist Enable = false Whitelist Kick Message = Only Reserved Slots Left Whitelist Public Slots = 999 ;; Database settings to use (Optional) Whitelist Database = exile Whitelist SQL Prepared Statement = SELECT CASE WHEN EXISTS(SELECT UID FROM PlayerInfo WHERE BattlEyeGUID=? AND Whitelisted=1) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END Whitelist Kick on SQL Query Failed = false ;; Hardcoded BEGuids for whitelisted players ;Whitelist BEGuids = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx : yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy [Steam] ;; This is for VAC Protocol for VAC Bans + Steam Friends. ;; https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey API Key = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [VAC] ;; This feature requires Steam + Rcon to be enabled. ;; Also this feature is called via SQF Code atm, i.e it doesn't auto detect players joining server yet.... Auto Ban = false ;; For Player to get banned ( their total VAC Bans => NumberOfVACBans) AND ( Days Since their Last Ban was <= DaysSinceLastBan) ;; This is also used extDB Protocol VAC:VACBanned returned results NumberOfVACBans = 1 DaysSinceLastBan = 999999999 BanDuration = 1 ;; 0 = Forever, otherwise its x Minutes BanMessage = Steam VAC Banned [Log] ;; Flush Logs after each write, more work on Harddrive Flush = true [exile] Type = MySQL Name = BradH1_1 Username = BradH1 Password = *** IP = Port = 3306 minSessions = 2 idleTime = 60 ; Really should only use this if MySQL server is external. Also only for MySQL compress = false ; Recommend you turn this on http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/mysql-command-options.html#option_mysql_secure-auth Secure Auth = true [SQLite_Example] Type = SQLite Name = sqlite.db minSessions = 1 ; minSession Default Value = 1 ;maxSessions = 4 ; maxSession Default Value = number of Main->Threads ; You really should leave this value alone idleTime = 60 ; idleTime no Default Value yet, needs to be defined. ; idleTime is the time before a database session is stopped if not used. ; If Database Sessions are greater than minSessions
  7. DattoSSS

    Install the same with rented server?

    Dogz how have you gone with this? I have also rented a Wombat server and am trying to get Exile to work. I had an external database set up, as you get a free one with your server but you have to ask for it. I FTP'd all exile files across, hoping to cut my teeth on Exile.Altis to start with, however I am having DB issues with server working but hanging on 'Receiving Server Version'. The command line manager can be manipulated to include -servermod if you haven't already worked it out. I have sent a couple of tickets to Wombat for assistance, and whilst I only received slow emails back the 24/7 service desk had escalated my query to management, who contacted me tonight from Auckland where it is 2.30am. They are setting up a new server there. Whilst setting this server up is a slow process, that gesture has won me. My steam ID is the same as my profile so feel free to link me if you want to chat through it.
  8. DattoSSS

    Vehicle disappearing

    OK here is my experience. I am playing on a very good Esseker server. My base is a hangar and the inside is built in by me with metal fortified walls. Inside the hangar I stored all my vehicles and pods, all facing North. I access all vehicles every day to stop them despawning. Everything was fine except one restart and I lost all vehicles. No safes or wooden crates, just all vehicles. This consists of 1 x Hellcat chopper, 1 x Strider, 1 x Pickup, 1 x Quad, 1 x HEMMT transporter, and 4 x cargo pods full of weapons, ammo and food. The hangar is near the Adele Airfield where the SZ is. Again, all vehicles were parked facing north (as that is the direction the hangar faces) and they were parked on the hangar floor, not on a wooden floor made by me. They all had room to move and spin 360 as I had researched the forums here first. I have logged in and seen the vehicles take a while to render, and I have seen the hangar spawn after my built in walls. I have also had 1 x loaded cargo pod disappear for 24 hrs (3 restart cycles) then reappear. The base is fully fortified and locked - no evidence of any access. The server admin is awesome and looking into the DB for me, but does anyone have any suggestions?
  9. Hello everyone. I am pretty much over the parachuting. I do my best not to die but when I do the time loss from parachuting can be very frustrating, particularly if you are close to restart or the weather on the server is inclement and you have no control over getting down. It's purely a time loss. I would like to see the camo tent re-scripted as a portable spawn point. As stated in other threads, in the military a hoochie tent is erected in the jungle and stores some kit as well as providing shelter. Could the camo tent be scripted as a portable spawn point which despawns on restart if deployed at the time? Doesn't have to be single use, and can still store limited equipment in the field. Please put it to vote. Thanks Datto
  10. Good points but I don;t agree with not naming their territory. They have attacked your base under complete anonymity, so why not be given the chance to reciprocate if it is going to be regarded as part of the game? My base is fortified, however I cannot put a roof over my Taru, so every single day when I am offline someone blows my Taru up, and I have no idea who it is. If I want to fly to missions I have to earn enough tabs every day to buy another chopper, and I have no idea who is doing it. It makes a good game very time consuming.
  11. DattoSSS

    Spawnpoint in base

    What about making the existing camo tent a portable spawn point? Still able to store limited gear and able to be picked up and moved. Whilst there is no usage cost and it can be re-usable, it should be destroyable by anyone including NPC's. It would be more realistic, similarly to setting up a hoochie tent when on deployment.
  12. Thanks mate, but I am not a script writer nor a server owner. Can anyone assist that may have done this?
  13. Happy New Year developers! Most importantly, thanks for the Exile mod. It has transformed Arma 3 and certainly is entertaining. As a devoted base builder there are a number of features I would love to see however none of them are critical to the game as they are aesthetic. I would however ask you consider implementing a report within the XM8 that tells me who raided my base and destroyed my vehicles, and what there base is called. I have no issue with base raids however the anonymity of it whilst I am offline is frustrating. I would greatly enjoy a properly targeted assault on someone's base after they have attacked mine. A simple 'While you were out' message would do the trick lol. Thanks again DattoSSS