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  1. TPGDagger

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Yes, we are on the newest with the newest server PBO, too. (The hotfix.)
  2. TPGDagger

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Went to newest version yesterday. Having a few issues. Missions are spawning inside safezones. I need to look at the config again but this was working fine before. Also having issues where AI are not dropping money nor are they giving respect. It does broadcast that they give it, however no cash is on them nor does it seem to be increasing on their character.
  3. On newest versions and my players love it. Mad props @Zupa, thanks for continuing to update your addon!
  4. TPGDagger

    1.0.0 "Potato"

    Two of the french mirrors give me files that I can only unzip halfway before erroring. A3L here we come. UK mirror gives a file that's 6000kb.
  5. You using the default logging now within Exile or you still do this? My FTP auto upload script for my admins can't grab the extdb log atm as it is always in use, asking as I think I want to go back to this method here and am curious on what you are using. Thanks
  6. TPGDagger

    Chernarus Russian Roulette

    I think it's just a matter of it using setposworld in the default script. The reason it doesn't reset is that it needs a defined exileroulettechairpositions and the exile code itself calls this to resetup the chairs after the game. Doing it via the above method doesn't have that, so no reset of chairs. It needs to be made working with ExileRouletteChairPositions defined, I think. Do that, combined with the above method, and bam I bet it works fine.
  7. TPGDagger

    Chernarus Russian Roulette

    What editor did you use for SetPosWorld versus..? Eden? I have my concrete working fine now but this is still hit or miss. None of my players seem to face the right way. They just float and I can't get these chairs to load. Everything else seems fine.
  8. TPGDagger

    initserver.sqf uses a different format

    Just use your original file. Don't try and change anything at all in it. It's because of this: That's mine with m3editor. Works fine.
  9. TPGDagger

    initserver.sqf uses a different format

    I'd like to know that as well without having to redo everything. I do have mine working with just my old code.
  10. TPGDagger

    Chernarus Russian Roulette

    Mind sharing that bit of code? Just want to make sure mine looks similar. I assume it's just the array specific to the chairs and not you adding in the chairs in the objects table and then also defining them in that lower array? I wonder if that is what is going on with mine now..
  11. TPGDagger

    Chernarus Russian Roulette

    In the same boat as you. My russian roulette guy puts you where the chairs SHOULD be and it works.. but.. yeah, no actual chairs or mixer.
  12. TPGDagger

    Statusbar Script?

    Changed that over for us and now our bar isn't showing at all. Any advice is appreciated-- we had it working last night but it wasn't putting the values for wallet or lockers in due to wrong variables (my fault.) Mind taking a quick look?
  13. That makes sense however my code still loads everything in. All of my objects show up, only my Roulette (defined in the lower array) and the mixer have issues.
  14. 100% true. Still set this way. Is yours changed and are you not getting this?
  15. Having some issues with Russian Roulette and also concrete mixers. I have all of my objects loading in via code from m3editor. What editor was used here? Do we need to do anything besides add in the chair positions, table, etc? I've set a spoiler for my code. Would love some assistance here-- no errors or anything, just no concrete mixer or chairs spawning for both my mixer and my roulette, but when we buy in we do sit near the vendor around the table in invisible chairs.