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  1. Ah okey np, http://pastebin.com/XJKKPxch
  2. same problem here, updated infiSTAR to v33 HC is getting kicked. Under ubuntu 14.04. Nothing in the rpt logs: http://pastebin.com/q45fM7Nx
  3. And all the mods are gone from the a3 launcher and battlemetrics right?
  4. @TMHackSaW is your sever still in the a3 launcher from maca?
  5. My server is also up and running clean.
  6. Das ist nicht richtig, du musst nix an dem exile client code ändern, die Craft Rezepte liegen in der Mission und neue Gegenstände kannst du einfach mit einem zusätzlichen mod hinzufügen wie es auch Donkey Punch gemacht hat. Was meinst du müsstest du am Exile client code ändern damit das geht? Du kannst einfach die "Exile" stock rezepte aus der Mission raus nehmen und deine Überarbeiteten aus deinem Mod rein packen.
  7. Du kannst einfach einen eigenen Mod machen, du musst dann die Exile mod files nicht mal anpassen, Zusammensetztung kannst du in der Mission config einstellen. Alternative hast du z.B. hier schon einen kleinen Mod der viele neue Building parts beinhaltet. http://www.exilemod.com/topic/8889-donkeypunched-addon-for-exile-v06-abounding-new-key-bug-fixes-cleaner-download-and-install/?page=18#comment-66177
  8. Yes thats the tricky part balance the server and wait for people to join, we are now getting around 5-10 people at the 8pm time, but it took some weeks to get there, at least its still increasing. But so many are leaving again when they notice that we don't have a trader
  9. Its there for all of us, http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=24954 http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=24573
  10. The fist Post is working fine for me did you tried it?
  11. Thanks, yes thats the problem atm, but there are more and more people joining. Also since there are no or less children on the server you can actually talk with other players^^
  12. You accepted the terms and use with the creation of your account. As long as they don't use cookies when you are logout it should be fine or?
  13. But thats the thing, the error messages: You need a toolbox and You need a wrench Should both be displayed. Why? Because its a shitty user experience if you just throw the errors one by one. If you go to a car try to (in this case) salvage some wheels you get told you need a toolbox, than you go back to your base and get one, than you discover that you also need a Wrench. Thats the kind of thing i want to reduces.
  14. Thanks @infiSTAR, when i call the addNotification function without a sleep they are overlap each other and you cant read it so i also need a sleep there right? Its looking so ugly with that amount of duplicated code. But i guess its just arma...
  15. Heyho, I got a small script that lets you salvage wheels from cars. Its very small. https://github.com/Onefox/SalvageWheels Its running perfect with the repair script from John. Cheers,