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  1. @gfourth I am still working on it so no need to worry.
  2. @M-RYS What do you mean by that? I have a life too. I can not work on it 24/7....
  3. @Razor77 Haha good timing! I logged in to post an update and saw your comment. You're in luck: -- MISSIONS07 DEVELOPMENT STATUS UPDATE 2nd of August 2017 -- Development of Missions07 has gone a lot slower than I thought it would go due to real-life interfering with the development. But no worries, Missions07 is absolutely still on my schedule. Another reason why the development of Missions07 has slowed down is because there is another project that I am working on which has a higher priority than Missions07. I can not give you much more details about that project because the details of it are top secret. All I can say is that it is a project that allows me to properly test and debug Missions07 without getting frustrated by the tool itsel. That project will also be released to the public so that any server admin can have a proper tool that is FREE instead of having to buy a really expensive legal-but-not-really menu that looks and feels like absolute trash. I am not naming any names to prevent another internet war. So technically, that is a status update but also kind of a sneaky announcement at the same time.
  4. @M6mal setting the "openAtLogin" setting to "no" should work fine.
  5. @Spackler Yes. Change line 13 of initLocal.sqf into this: if ( getText ( missionConfigFile >> "CfgServerInfoMenu" >> "openAtLogin" ) isEqualTo "yes" ) then { uiSleep 3; createDialog "RscDisplayServerInfoMenu" }; That will delay it by 3 seconds. Change to any number you like.
  6. @GolovaRaoul That is what I have currently done. But it is not very future-proof and could easily be rendered useless after one or more tiny changes to the original mod.
  7. Dear devs, Please add a "dialog check" to your KeyUp eventhandlers to ( for example ) prevent weapon switching when inside a dialog that uses the buttons for weapon switching.
  8. Most of them make me want to do somehing with a tire iron.
  9. Dear developers, Not sure if anybody agrees with me but I would REALLY appreciate it if somebody did something to remove those awful texts on the loadingscreen. regards, IT07
  10. @gfourth Thank you for your contribution to this topic. Regarding Missions07: I am currently at the point where I am brushing up on the DLI mission after completely rewriting the core of Missions07. The DLI mission is a 100% functional at the moment but not competed yet because I am adding more features and dynamics to it. Lets say that DLI is currently in an even better state than the DLI mission from VEMFr. All the other missions and addons still need rewriting. And not to forget: the additional missions that are still blank are also on my schedule. It is going to take a while. I have not yet decided if I should publish Missions07 as soon as it has the same specs as VEMFr OR publish Missions07 when all the other features and missions have been completed.
  11. No it is not. Funny enough; if the server is lagging, VEMFr will just be ignored by the server until it has time to execute it again. Where did you read that?
  12. @Kaizaki well then I think the problem is bigger. I am currently in the middle of completely rebuilding VEMFr into Missions07 so I am currently unable to supply you with any kind of patch. But what I can do is help you through the debugging process of finding out the reason why the missionTimer does not start. I will send you a private message which will contain the instructions for debugging the problem
  13. @Kaizaki are you using the PBO files that are available for download from the GitHub page? If so, then please delete them and download the unpacked folders instead and pack them with a PBO tool. I recommend PBOmanager. In case you are not using the PBO files from the GitHub page then I think the problem might have to do with the tool you are using to pack the folders into a PBO if the tool you are using is not PBOmanager.