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  1. AustInhale

    The Flexibility of Exile

    Thanks for the Reply Wolf, and thanks for links. I am not the server owner nor do I even have box access, I am however the one in the community that gets input from our players. I am the one that works on the configs that determine balance, such as our AI and the traders. Our server owner doesn't have the time to work on this kind of thing or to go around asking questions or putting the opinions of our playerbase up on the forums. My posts above are not just my own opinions but the general opinion of our players. From what Eichi said in his post above, the database structure will change. If that is the case I wonder how the transition will go. Are we going to have another forced wipe? Also when we change maps we clear the DB entirely. Really, thanks for posting links, instead of a meme these trolls up top posted. Change isn't a bad thing, and as admins we are ok with the poptab change, but our playerbase isn't. And when you see someone making a mistake, don't just let them, tell them how you feel instead of letting it fall apart. Tell me, how many people play arma 3 epoch? not much, as they refused to take feedback from the community. If the Exile Devs didn't want feedback this board would not be here. We have a group in our community working on a custom mod (not exile at all) so I have an idea of the time and work it takes to make an amazing mod such as exile, and I don't wish to forsake the efforts of the devs here. They have also though up some potential solutions to make some of these features optional, such as a separate mod that changes exile itself. So you would run base exile then a mod that defines how the server works. Community A should not have to fight with community B over a feature that is a core dynamic to the game. I am not trying to tell you how to make your mod or anything like that, I just want to be sure you see the opinions of major portions of the community. Exile is in a decline, we need to be honest here, all the major servers have seen a decline in players these last few months. We need to attract players, not push them away with things they do not want. I look forward to what you guys have for us in future updates, and I hope they meld well with the players.
  2. AustInhale

    The Flexibility of Exile

    1st person play only, hardest AI only. Hate and desperation turned up to maximum.
  3. AustInhale

    The Flexibility of Exile

    Thanks for the quick reply Eichi, I really like how you rip me apart with your replies, it hurts, and the way you do it feels bad, but you explain yourself very well. I guess I am just a bit angry about some of these changes, as are some of my co-admins in the spearhead community. We run the most popular hardcore community and we feel like we get overlooked duing these changes. To the others who replied, this is a constructive criticism thread, dont be an ass like that, I just wanted some answers about some stuff. I would like to talk to you Eichi about some of these config options because I think we just can't find them. As I said, the best part of your mod is the flexibility and I would love to work with you guys on adding even more customization. I also have alot of questions about how the transition to physical poptabs will work. Will it require database wipes or is there a way to work around that. We get over 5000 people every map cycle we run (3-4 months) and carrying over that amount of data could be near impossible. Maybe this thread should be moved to another part of the forums if the subject is going to go this way. I would be very grateful if you or someone in your team would come talk to us about these things in TS or Discord. Find us on look for me in ts under the same name. I have too many questions to ask here, and this isn't the board to do this in anyway
  4. I would like to write an appeal to the devs of the Exile mod. I love this mod, it is everything you need for a good pvp and pve sandbox experience in Arma 3. I feel like you (the devs) are going down the wrong path. I like some of your new changes, but I feel you are forcing things upon players. Physical poptabs, removal of Thermals from the UAV/Mk30s, back when you wanted to add keys. These are all features that people would like to see on their servers, but that does not mean everybody does. There is a solution, it may not be the easiest, but it would still make the lives of us server admins much easier. Make features like the optional. the transition to physical poptabs is going to be harsh, I don't know how you plan to do it but there is no way telling how many people I am going to have to compensate or explain things to about this. You have also based this change off of a extremely small portion of the exile community, less than 1% of the people who get on our server a month. Every week I deal with countless players, from kids under 10 years old to adults double my age, and most of them don't even know that these forums exist (even with a link on the lobby). The life of an exile admin is not easy, as I am sure you guys have found with your new server; players are great, but they can also be the biggest dickheads you have ever met. These changes that are forced upon us only make things harder, they may be cool, they may seem like good ideas to you, but I feel you need to go around to the communities that are large, the ones everyone knows about, and ASK the admins there about the features. You can't just wait for feedback to come to you, you need to go find it sometimes, and if you don't you get angry admins like me. Exile's flexibility is what makes it an amazing mod to play, every server is different and I want to keep it that way.
  5. AustInhale

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    I made this custom config for the spearhead community and on our test box, using the previous version of CUP everything was working 100% perfectly. We are using the new version of cup and the ai only have guns around half the time, either the whole group doesn't or the whole group does,. They still have hostile behaviors such as the whole group will pull out binos and track you at close range. They all are DMS Assault Bandits when killed, except the ones on our ZCP missions, links to the extentions we use for DMS: This issue effects all the ai on the server besides the Exile traders ofcouse RESOLVED - Had wrong version of CUP on clients than the server
  6. AustInhale

    Car Keys and Locking

    I really feel like you are going to far with this, any changes related to locks and the such should be optional and changeable by server owners, you are changing the fundamental game-play of exile, making it less about combat, and more of a headache to have. You are doing too much and going too far with this vehicle security, its becoming Arma 3 epoch, a mess of confusing functions that will cause every new player to ask 20 questions in side chat about each new feature. Exile used to be simple, and fun, and now its stress about even buying a god damn car. I like the Idea if changing codes but making new ways for people to steal vics is just overdoing it. If I had a codelock on my door of my house that beeped when I press the numbers I would tear that thing apart and rip the damn speaker right out of it. This is getting to the level of Razor's tainting of vanilla dayz mod.