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  1. Anyone who is need of help to start and setup server can contact.
  2. Akku

    Help Diagnose Error

    hi bud cfgRemoteExec.hpp is included in your description.ext but you have not added the file in your mp mission folder please cross check that
  3. Akku

    Kill Messege

    You can also use custom difficulties settings
  4. Akku

    Spawn system broken?

    Is your database is on same machine ?
  5. Akku

    A LOT of server problems!

    Hi I would like to suggest that you should setup a server without any mods 1st then start to add mods as per your requirements this will give you exact idea where are you making mistakes.
  6. Akku

    Help Error Message

    1 This is not a error message 2 Ask him to verify game files or use performance build
  7. Akku

    Help Setting up MySQL db for new Exile server

    Two things 1 Normally server providers already setup database for you (find it in control pannel try to reset it ). 2 If you still wana do it yourself try to run Query instead of importing ( It will be good if you use mysql etc )
  8. Akku

    Creating Exile Server, can't connect

    Find a RPT log folder name may depends on your server provider without logs no one will be able to help you
  9. Akku

    Server not loading

    Can you give server startup line and what map and mods are you trying to run
  10. Akku

    Just bought a server

    1 Upload map files 2 upload CUP terrains core 3 Find or make MP Mission file for your map 4 Change the map name in config
  11. Akku

    Cannot join servers

    Your screen shot says that you are loading mods which is not required to join that server If you are using A3 launcher or arma3 launcher try to add mods which is required manually ones then launch the game and try to connect further this topic might also help you
  12. Akku

    Cannot join servers

    Hi The answer will be re-download as suggest you may have corrupted files if you are the owner of server as well update the same in server also . Plus make sure to update the keys in server folder this should sort your issue
  13. Akku

    Trying to make a exile server with Hamachi

    Do you use TS3 have send you details in PM
  14. Akku

    Trying to make a exile server with Hamachi

    Error: Connection attempt failed: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' check your extdb config as you are not able to connect the database check ip username and password there
  15. Akku

    Exile.Tanoa Problems.

    1 Give RPT logs 2 Check edited config you have missed comma or something