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  1. Slowpoke

    Create Own Custom AI Missions?

    Hello Both has a point, but I want to go with fau5tz's point of view. There is a lot of beginner server owners, that has brilliant ideas, but can't put all together or don't have the knowledge how to do it. Therefore, most of Exile servers running the same mods and same AI's. I think he just ask for some assistance and hopefully he will share his work. Myself sits in the same predicament. I have very nice ideas (some may not thing so), but don't always have the knowledge to do it by myself. Some assistance and guidance will always be welcomed. As I believe, "by the community for the community". Hope you guys understand my point of view, as English is not my home language.
  2. Slowpoke

    Infistar not working

    I have the same issue, downloaded the new Infistar this afternoon after a few month of absence. No success so far. Followed the install instructions, make sure all passwords is correct, No F1 option, no indication that infistar has loaded.
  3. Slowpoke

    Vehicle Refueling system

    Do any of you guys knows about a mod or script, that let you pay for your fuel at a service station. Maybe I missed it somewhere. I would also like to change the fuel consumption on land vehicles. You can drive forever on Altis map.
  4. Slowpoke


    Ok, I will start from the beginning and work from there. I though maybe I missed something. As always wanna do the short route, thank you
  5. Slowpoke


    What info would you like, I'm a bit of a noob. All I get is "you were kicked from the game". I do run Infistar and the Armscor Mod
  6. Slowpoke


    Hi Guys My server is running, but no player can log in. I've copied all my old BE keys. Did I miss something. Help would be appreciated.
  7. Slowpoke

    Hire Henchman

    If you have 100 players on a server, do you really want the extra AI? I think the idea is to add AI on a server (roaming,vehicle patrols and missions) mostly on less crouded servers. Players do get bored easily when there is not much PVP going on, on servers less than about 25 players. In such a case, I would love to see a group of AI spawning, lets say about 1.5 clicks away from a group (Clan) base. Set the AI to bassically attack the bases randomly, like a full pvp attack on the base. Most of the smaller servers do lack the pvp required not to get bored. I set my server with good AI (mostly roaming and vehicle patrols) and that keeps the players busy and we do get the pvp occasionally. That will trengthen the idea of basebuilding. To get large amount of players on servers running in Africa is a bit difficult.
  8. Slowpoke

    Hire Henchman

    Another idea is to set a patrol area around your base. It would be easy for players to take them out if they're static.
  9. Slowpoke

    Hire Henchman

    That would be a fantastic addition to Exile. Would be nice to send the Ai to the trader, lol
  10. It is possible to have clan flags in game, but you would need assistance from your admin to manually put it in. We have custom flags running on our server. It all depends if the admin / or scriptor would be prepared to assist you with that. It would be great to have the flags setup the same as the clan logo's on vehicles and uniforms. (My apologies, English is not my home language)