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  1. Maaaaark

    Extended Base Mod

    Ok, if you get inside, and stand right in the middle you get the option, however you are too far away from the top of it to actually place the big momma. This is a problem as it makes the dome indestructible.
  2. Maaaaark

    Extended Base Mod

    I can not for the life of me find the location to plant a big momma on the big white domes. Any idea at all?!?!
  3. Maaaaark

    Exile 1.0.4 virtual garage store/retrieval not working

    For anyone with the issue of it not storing anything after doing the sql query on the upgrade etc. It is a simple simple fix, copy and overwrite the exile.ini file in the @ExileServer\extDB\sql_custom_v2 folder with the one in the new server files. This fixed my issue. Now I can store and retrieve vehicles. I just missed this step. Dont forget to also run the script that was mentioned in here that gives all vehicles in a territory a nickname, and all of the old stuff is accessible too from exad.
  4. Maaaaark

    Exile 1.0.4 virtual garage store/retrieval not working

    Me too, You type in a nickname, press store, and nothing happens.
  5. Maaaaark

    Exile 1.0.4 Bugs Megathread !! READ THE RULES!!

    I have the same issue, no older vehicles are showing, and users can not upload a new one, they chose a nickname, but then clicking does nothing.
  6. Maaaaark

    Exile 1.0.4 Bugs Megathread !! READ THE RULES!!

    Hi guys, I am having an issue with starting the server, getting the following: Information: ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\config.cpp, line 7177: .XM8_App01_Button: Undefined base class 'RscExileXM8AppButton1x1' Operating System, version? Windows Server 2008 Post your system specifications. (Hardware): Dual CPU Xeon 4cores/threads each RPT
  7. Maaaaark

    Disable UAV in SafeZone (Script)

    Nevermind, it was because I am an admin. Players can not use the UAV terminal in safe zones. Thank you for this script!! It is perfect!
  8. Maaaaark

    Disable UAV in SafeZone (Script)

    I can not get this to work (unless it is deactivated for admins?) I added the following to the config.cpp file (I just added the ExileClient_object... part under the current class CfgExileCustomCode class CfgExileCustomCode { ExileClient_object_player_thread_safeZone = "exileOverwrites\ExileClient_object_player_thread_safeZone.sqf"; // disable UAV/Bicycles in Safezone }; And created a folder called exileOverwrites in which there is now a exileOverwrites\ExileClient_object_player_thread_safeZone.sqf file with the rest of the code in it. I can still access the UAV terminal in the trader safe zone. Please can you assist?
  9. Maaaaark

    Extended Base Mod

    Hi there guys. We have EBM on our server, and it is amazing, the issue is that none of the objects are destructible, any way to change this? This is because people hide flags behind EBM walls and no one can steal them.
  10. Maaaaark

    Shorten timer on waste dump selling

    Fantastic thank you!!!!
  11. Hi there. Is there any way to shorted the 120 seconds for the selling of items? Some players tow 3 cars there and have to wait too long between selling. I would like to change it from 120 seconds to say 30 or 45? Thanks!
  12. Maaaaark

    Exile PHP Admin Tools/Portal

    It really would help the community!
  13. Maaaaark

    Exile PHP Admin Tools/Portal

    Is there a way to add logged on to this that shows destroyed vehicles and who destroyed them?
  14. Maaaaark

    Signature check timed out

    This is happening on our server all the time. Some players are fine, while others can simply just not connect. Its driving players away for the server and I just cant find a solution. Some of our own clan members just simply can not join our server either.
  15. Maaaaark

    Random Exploding Helis? Help

    We are having this exact same issue! but its not just little birds