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  1. theduke

    Vehicle skin per UID

    Dude this is awesome. MANY thanks. and many thanks to EVERYONE who has helped me. Ill give this a try and post on the appropriate thread if i have any issues... THANKS AGAIN!!!
  2. theduke

    Vehicle skin per UID

    appreciate the help! client RPT Lots of junk in there haha
  3. theduke

    Vehicle skin per UID

    same outcome config.cpp and the ExileClient_gui_vehicleCustomsDialog_updateVehicle.sqf
  4. theduke

    Vehicle skin per UID

    ah man that worked...BUT....the skin doesnt populate on the vehicle... its now showning in the list at least lol were getting closer. I just want to cry wahhhhh haha
  5. theduke

    Vehicle skin per UID

    Like so? class VipSkins { class Exile_Car_Strider { Skins[] = { {"Exile_Car_Strider", 100, "TMNT", {"textures\stridertmnt.paa"};} }; }; };
  6. theduke

    Vehicle skin per UID

    which is what i thought. In my original post it is the way i have it.
  7. theduke

    Vehicle skin per UID

    So if i understnad correctly in my class vipskins the vehicle itself should have _absract at the end? Here is a part of my config.cpp This part is included in the original custom skins by exile (CfgVehicleCustoms) and works fine. I used a different camo skin to see if it worked. class Exile_Car_Strider_abstract { skins[] = { {"Exile_Car_Strider", 100, "CAMO", {"textures\stridercamo.paa"};} }; }; And for the VIP part i tried this. (from what i understood, its looking for the _abstract) and sadly it didnt work. class VipSkins { class Exile_Car_Strider_abstract { Skins[] = { {"Exile_Car_Strider_abstract", 100, "TMNT", {"textures\stridertmnt.paa"};} }; };
  8. theduke

    Vehicle skin per UID

    The skins work if i add them in the normal array of custom skins. I've made about 6 or 7 skins. They all work. But as soon as i add them under the VipSkins array, they dont. The script, from what it reads (or what i understand). If the player is in that list of VipPlayer, those skins are added to the existing list of skins for that vehicle. I not sure exactly what you mean... how exactly should it be formatted? Thanks for the help guys!
  9. theduke

    Vehicle skin per UID

    lol nope
  10. theduke

    Vehicle skin per UID

  11. theduke

    R2k6 Retexture Pack [WIP]

    can i join you on this mod pack? I wanted to make one also, but i think id would be best to keep it all in one mod. here is one i made
  12. theduke

    Vehicle skin per UID

    Ok so here it goes, I have been banging my head with this for at least a month now. Im trying to have vehicles skins per UID, like the flags. I had someone help me, but sadly the code doesnt work properly. By looking at it, and with my limited knowledge, it seems it should work. But obvioulsy doesnt lol This is the file in question that seems to be the one that needs to be modified ExileClient_gui_vehicleCustomsDialog_updateVehicle.sqf the text in bold is what was added and here is the addition to the config.cpp oh and yes i did the CfgExileCustomCode part also. Any help would be greatly appreciate, as i've exhausted everything that i know... Duke
  13. theduke

    Exile continues!

    Oh im so happy!
  14. theduke

    Vehicle Textures by UID

    Is there anyone with a bit of knowledge that can chime in and help us? Id really appreciate it. Thanks
  15. theduke

    should i ask for Refund

    umm wow checking those prices and setups they are nice. They even offer free OS, windows included in some. Are you with them?