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    Exile.Esseker.pbo here (AmateurVersion)

    Sorry for my bad English. Hi guys, this is Exile.Esseker.pbo. Edited by me. What I did was edit the Exile.Altis.pbo and change some settings (still have a lot "Exile.Altis.pbo" configs there, should not have but it works), such as spawn points and traders points (I just changed to fit on the map, I hope you customize it). This is not a final version, it is an amateur version, to be able to play in Esseker map. And I'm not a developer, I'm learning, just like you. If you are developer or are used to working with it, give me some tips, please. I will work on it only for hobbie. If you want to learn how to edit or a more detailed tutorial, ask me. I will try to help with what I already know. Requirements: Instructions: Your "config.cfg" (located on @ExileServer) should be like this: Change for this: Download "Exile.Esseker.pbo" here: PS:To create my server i used the guide created by S.: My "Exile auto start.bat": Enjoy.