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  1. spear

    Probleme mit dem Chat

    Mit ein paar mehr Infos, genauen tests was wann nicht geht und den Inhalt deiner BEC Configs kann man dir besser helfen.
  2. spear

    Änderung: Mapper für Esseker gesucht

    Ich glaube ihr unterschätzt den Aufwand eine komplette Map, noch dazu inklusive wie gewünscht neuen Objekten zu erstellen. Das ganze dauert schon mal länger als ein Jahr Anhand eurer Liste an Sachen die ihr bereits laufen habt nehme ich mal an dass ihr auch noch nicht besonders lang im Scripting seid. Eine fertige Map zum laufen zu bringen und gleichzeitig detailliert mit selbst erstellten Objekten zu gestalten ist nichts was auf die schnelle umzusetzen ist. Denke nicht dass ihr fündig werdet. Solltet ihr allerdings Fragen im Bereich Terrain und Object Creation haben stehe ich zur Verfügung, solange es nicht kannst du uns bitte dies und das erstellen ist ist das kein Problem.
  3. spear

    Server ohne Apex DLC beitreten?

    Tanja braucht zwingend das DLC. Vor einiger Zeit als Epoch noch "angesagt" war hatten einige Server einen DLC Bypass der es den Leuten ermöglich hat ohne DLC's den DLC Content zu benutzen, ist aber nicht erlaubt und nicht von Bohemia erwünscht nehme ich mal stark an.
  4. spear

    Disable vehicle thermal and certain weapons

    Is there actually a way to add a specific gun to a specific vehicle ? Basically something like this addMagazineTurret ["6Rnd_LG_scalpel",[-1]]; addWeapon "missiles_SCALPEL";How to define it for a specific veicle now ?
  5. spear

    Add Vehicle Init to scipt

    How to put this "this addMagazine "38Rnd_80mm_rockets";this addWeapon "rockets_Skyfire";" into a script and make it run for every "B_Heli_Light_01_stripped_F" instead of adding it to the vehicles init ?
  6. spear

    Loot Position Tool

    Well just copy the building to an other spot using @maca134's m3editor and place its loot positions there.
  7. spear

    Understanding Loot Spawns Config

    I think thats way too compley doing it manually
  8. spear

    Loot Position Tool

    Okay improved it a bit. 2 Will set a marker + lootspawn + copies it into clipboard. 1 Will delete the nearest marker. (Up to 20m) (added a teleport script to it. This works for Chernarus) http://puu.sh/kgBXW/881ff9e58c.rar This is not made by me! I just changed some stuff. Original credits go to Eichi, maca for their loot position script and Johnson11B2P for his teleport function.
  9. spear

    remoteExec battle eye kick 52

    Yes, server owners can fix it only.
  10. spear


    Try out this: private ["_objs"]; _objs = [ //your custom objects ]; { private ["_obj"]; _obj = createVehicle [_x select 0, [0,0,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; if (_x select 4) then { _obj setDir (_x select 2); _obj setPos (_x select 1); } else { _obj setPosATL (_x select 1); _obj setVectorDirAndUp (_x select 3); }; } foreach _objs;Make sure you dont have a comma at the end of the last object.
  11. spear

    kicked when rocketed

    Paste your be logs.
  12. spear

    remoteExec battle eye kick 52

    Use the latest infistar version and remove the remoteexec cfg part inside your description.ext.
  13. spear

    BE kick using Infi Freecam

    !="};\n};\n};\ncase (0x2F): {\nif (_ctrl) then {\n_clipboard = call compile copyfromclipboard;\nif (typename _clipboard == typename []) t"goes to line 33 inside your scripts.txt
  14. Good evening everyone. A bunch of people asked me how to get Exile on Chernarus or any other map running, so I decided to make a quick tutorial. To start you need to download All In Arma Terrain Pack, I suggest to use the lite version for your server. AiA Lite Armaholic Download 1. If you finished downloading it just paste it inside your Arma 3 Server folder. 2. Copy its bikey inside the "keys" folder inside your Server directory. If there isnt a key inside they the download use this one: AiA Bikey Your "keys" folder should look like this: 3. Get a Chernarus Missionfile. If you know how to, create one on your own and paste it inside your "mpmissions" folder in your server directory. If not use the one I created: exile.Chernarus.pbo. 4. Let the server load the mission file. Here for head to your config.cfg. By default it can be found inside your "@ExileServer" folder. Edit this part: class Missions { class Exile { template = Exile.Altis; difficulty = "ExileRegular"; // ExileRegular or ExileHardcore }; };To this: class Missions { class Exile { template = Exile.Chernarus; difficulty = "ExileRegular"; // ExileRegular or ExileHardcore }; };5. Set your servers start parameters. Where you define them depends on how you start your server. I suggest using FireDaemon to manage your lifecycle and scheduling. (costs $US49.00 but its definetly worth it) If you completely dont know how to start your server use a .bat with the following content: Following these steps should make your server run. This works for any other map than Chernarus. The only difference is that you'll need a mission file. If there arent any published on the forums you can ask me to make on for you. Have fun! Other usefull stuff: Hollow loot positions: http://www.exilemod.com/topic/89-loot-positions-multi-map-support/