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  1. AuzzieOx

    The Cat Empire - HARDCORE ZOMBIE

    We have a hardcore zombie server that is sure to keep you on your toes. It's only a small 16 player server for now but it can increase if players decide to join and stay While the server is slowly evolving with new mods and scripts to make the experience worthwhile, it is playable in it's current form. We have a full set of custom traders befitting a zombie and PVP environment. Would love to have you along even if it is only to try it out. Feel free to jump on discord and say g'day.
  2. AuzzieOx

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hi all Just thought I'd share my results. so i got the static missions reward vehicle to spawn in the correct location (finally) Here is the original coding line. _vehicle = [_VehicleClass, _pos getPos [30, random 360], _pinCode] call DMS_fnc_SpawnPersistentVehicle; and here is what I changed it to _vehicle = [_VehicleClass, [12280.16,13975.748,0], _pinCode] call DMS_fnc_SpawnPersistentVehicle;
  3. AuzzieOx

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    So I got Vehicles to spawn as I wanted them too, now the issue I am having is setting a specific location since it is a Static mission. In this argument _vehicle = [_VehicleClass, _pos getPos [30, random 360], _pinCode] call DMS_fnc_SpawnPersistentVehicle; What do I change to get the specific XYZ,Z co-ordinates to work?
  4. AuzzieOx

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Someone may have already asked this question and I have trawled through much of the pages to look for it but how do you add vehicle rewards to a static mission? I did grab some code off of one of the other missions to see if that would work but it just kept making the mission not load. any help is appreciated. Regards
  5. AuzzieOx

    Need Help Adding 3 Spawn Points to .sqm

    @Sloveni4n Hi. Not the exact co-ordinates you wanted but close enough to it The text below is the complete mission.sqm, just copy it then paste it over your current mission.sqm text. Enjoy
  6. AuzzieOx

    ExileZ 2

    Hi all I remember a setting which I turned on to allow zombies to open doors, now I cant find that setting again. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. AuzzieOx

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    On the subject of crates. If I wanted to spawn an extra 1 to 3 crates for the salt flats how would I go about doing that? Thanks
  8. I could use a little help Ive done a complete database wipe followed by a vanilla install and I cant get this to work on altis. Ive followed the instructions to the letter, even double and tripple checked but im lost. any help is appreciated
  9. Hi all, Followed the instructions to the letter but im still getting the following errors Am i missing something in the install, all those files are in those locations inside there respective pbo's. This is being run on Altis for the record, complete vanilla install
  10. AuzzieOx

    Trader in exile not facing the right way

    Also having the same issue, So what I know is, as it should be, first combination is location X, Y, Z then the second combination i thought was tilt X, Y ,Z axis' not sure about the last combinations though hope someone can share some insight
  11. AuzzieOx

    M3Editor - 3DEN Edition

    Guys, im confused about where I put the code for the custom traders. When I export the trader information and copy it to the clipboard where do I put it then? thanks for your help in advance, I havent done coding since 0.9.6 and the coding was different
  12. Hi all, Just looking for some help. So when I run this in conjunction with DMS and VEMF I get constant memory read and write errors for anyone, including myself, joining the server and then the game crashes. Initially I thought it was an ARMA issue but then I took the occupation script out and the crashes stopped, everyone was happy again. To further validate the issue I removed all scripts and just ran DMS and occupation with the same problem and again, once removed, the crashes stopped again. Thinking that it was something I had done I then put in default copies of DMS and Occupation with no settings edits and still didnt work. RPT files are showing nothing so im not sure what else to try. Thanks for any help that anyone can provide