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  1. Boose


    So can the fire be seen buy all players? How to edit the length the smoke comes out for? So to attract players to it. Hopefully going to add it so it drops the items that are left in box on the floor. Also will the crate be deleted from db
  2. Boose


    class StorageBox { targetType = 2; target = "Exile_Container_Storagecrate"; class Actions { class Burn: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Burn Stash"; condition = "('Exile_Item_Matches' in (magazines player)) && ((typeOf ExileClientInteractionObject) isEqualTo 'Exile_Container_Storagecrate')"; action = "execVM 'SCRIPTS\burn.sqf';"; }; }; && ((typeOf ExileClientInteractionObject) isEqualTo 'Exile_Container_Storagecrate we don't need this as well as we are already looking at it with target
  3. Boose


    Will try tomorrow dude - thanks buddy - I have a variable assigned to stashed box - ExileContainerIsStashed could this be added to the conditions?
  4. Boose

    get player score

    Im looking for a exilescoreboard
  5. Boose


    Really only the person that hasn't placed can destroy. Destroy method would be a fire, a smoke plume would come from it. matches would be required in players magazines, possible even fuel can. So if a player finds a stash they can loot what they want then if they have matches they can set it alight. This would cause the loot to disapper/ or be left on the floor. A fire is started on crate position, crate is destroyed. The placement in rocks is a big one That makes sense
  6. Boose


    Need some help with this to create a option to burn the stash & prevent placing in rocks :! Any Ideas
  7. Boose

    Trader NPC's not there?

    Its a pity NAPF might be removed
  8. Boose

    Toggle Side

    Eye, I should rephrase to a "core" exile feature
  9. Boose

    Toggle Side

    Hello I would really love a Custom key to hide side chat. My reasons being More friendly to streamers/ Content creators It can be distracting People love to troll and keep trolling until someone bits Because people
  10. Boose

    Frenzied Mod Pack

  11. Boose

    ADD Watermark LOGO to Screen

    Umm been ages since I did that all I remember is X is a cross Your best bet is just fiddle with the X value. All I did was keep changing it and testing Sorry I couldn't help more
  12. Boose

    [SOLVED] Familys

    What are family's for ? What do you get from them?
  13. I think for us the autorun had a jutter to it, we had removed most Of CBA and clients downloaded from arma 3 launcher
  14. Boose

    Exile Getting Exiled?

    Thanks for the answers guys, now i know! And dito what cring0 says !! #IMTOTALLYEXILED
  15. Boose

    Looking for help

    What do you need? There guides that accompany Missions on this forum are usually on point. The community point out any errors in the guides and the author usually change the install guide to reflect this. You are better of doing it yourself, you will be come less reliant on other people.