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  1. Kayne711

    ACE 3 and Infistar Anti-Hack

    So I'm having trouble getting ACE3 and Infistar to play nicely together, but nothing I've done works. The problem I'm having is the ACE3 Menu's (Medical Menu, ect.) dissapearing after popping up, I've tested it with Infistar not loaded and it works perfectly. I've tried disabling most of the Anti-Hacks settings and this problem still persists. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also not sure if it's able to be fixed, but when I'm logged in as an admin I'm unable to use ACE3 entirely. I need to log out as an admin and log in as a regular just to get it to work. Not a big problem though.
  2. Kayne711

    Exile Esseker No Vehicles Spawning

    I changed that to 2, and still only the Bicycles appear. Even when the file is the original file I downloaded before I made changes to it, It's still just Bicycles. But a fresh Exile Esseker Server has vehicles that spawn, but after adding mods then they do not spawn.
  3. Kayne711

    Exile Esseker No Vehicles Spawning

    Here is the vehicle spawn part of that file, everything looks normal to me or maybe I'm missing something. I've tried messing around with the numbers but still only Bicycles spawn around spawn points. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // VEHICLE SPAWN CONFIGURATION /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class VehicleSpawn { /** * Grid Size for vehicle spawning, * smaller the number more vehicles, * you get the point */ vehiclesGridSize = 2200; /** * Vehicle ammount per grid * kinda self explanitory */ vehiclesGridAmount = 500; /** * Creates global markers for vehicle spawn tweeking, * after you are satisfied with vehicle ammount and spread set this to 0. */ vehiclesDebugMarkers = 1; /** * The server will apply random damage up to this value when spawning a vehicle. */ damageChance = 20; // 20% chance for a vehicle HITPOINT to be damaged maximumDamage = 0.9; // Stuff to spawn on water water[] = { "Exile_Boat_MotorBoat_Police", "Exile_Boat_MotorBoat_Orange", "Exile_Boat_MotorBoat_White", "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_CSAT", "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Digital", "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Orange", "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Blue", "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Black", "Exile_Boat_SDV_CSAT", "Exile_Boat_SDV_Digital", "Exile_Boat_SDV_Grey" }; // Stuff to spawn on roads ground[] = { "Exile_Bike_QuadBike_Black", "Exile_Bike_QuadBike_Blue", "Exile_Bike_QuadBike_Red", "Exile_Bike_QuadBike_White", "Exile_Bike_QuadBike_Nato", "Exile_Bike_QuadBike_Csat", "Exile_Bike_QuadBike_Fia", "Exile_Bike_QuadBike_Guerilla01", "Exile_Bike_QuadBike_Guerilla02", "Exile_Car_Hatchback_Rusty1", "Exile_Car_Hatchback_Rusty2", "Exile_Car_Hatchback_Rusty3", "Exile_Car_Hatchback_Sport_Red", "Exile_Car_SUV_Red", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Rusty1", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Rusty2", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Rusty3", "Exile_Car_Van_Black", "Exile_Car_Van_Box_Black", "Exile_Car_Van_Fuel_Black" }; /** * Enables or disables nightvision optics on ALL vehicles * * 0 = off * 1 = on */ nightVision = 1; /** * Enables or disables thermal optics on ALL vehicles * * 0 = off * 1 = on */ thermalVision = 0; };
  4. Kayne711

    Exile Esseker No Vehicles Spawning

    So i've made a new Exile Server which is running on a customized Altis map which was converted to Esseker. Before I added more mods to the server, vehicles were spawning around the map as usual. Now after I added all the mods and everything works, but now no vehicles spawn on the map, the only vehicles that spawn on the map are Old Bikes, and Mountain Bikes and those only spawn around the spawn zones. I'm not sure where to look or even start looking to fix the problem. Cars spawn with my AI Missions though, just not sure why they won't spawn on the map anymore. The mods I am using are:AllInArmaTerrainPack, Esseker, Exile, ExileServer, InfiSTAR_Exile, RyanZombies, Defents Mission System and R3F Logistics. All are up to date and installed correctly.