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  1. javelin10

    Is it possible to revive now ?

    Sorry to necro but I don't see much recent debate about this now that 1.0 is out. I'm not that enthusiastic about a revive system; at least the way it works in the vanilla campaign. I DO want to see the medical system developed though, at least until its on a par with...vanilla DayZ!
  2. javelin10

    Crashes? Please help!

    This has been working for me too. When does it crash for you? When '...loading map' screen showing What was the last thing you have seen before it crashed? Loading Map... in the bottom left hand corner and any splash screen. Does it crash every time or just sometimes? Everytime. Last time before I saw fix above it was 30 times out of 30. Before 9.8 came out I was only getting it 2-4 times before succeeding. Which Arma version and branch (Stable, Dev, RC/Sneak Peak) are you running? Sneak Peak Preview Which Arma DLCs do you own? Karts? Marksmen? APEX? Helicopters? Zeus? All of the above Which operating system are you using? Windows 10 Please let off some steam here I'm good thanks If possible, please show us your .rpt file, e.g. via Pastebin I'm sure you've seen enough of these already If possible, upload the last "Minidump" (.bidmp and .mdmp files) here. You can find them next to the .rpt as above.
  3. javelin10

    Bleeding again

    I've seen this issue raised a couple of times, but never accompanied by an answer or reply. Why do you bleed out in about 15 seconds? Back when I first played Exile many months ago, I assumed the 'current' bleeding mechanic was a placeholder. It is now nearly July 2016 and it hasn't changed! Surely this isn't how you intend it? Just copy the original DayZ mod behaviour; that hasn't been significantly improved on by anyone...
  4. javelin10

    Noclip/Remove Street Bollards On Namalsk

    What a load of utter nonsense. Those bollards in real life are plastic or wooden stakes. They're not supposed to wreck your car just by driving over them. gitgud=retard
  5. javelin10

    Modded or Unmodded Server Poll

    The heavily modded servers are what people seem to want, myself included. The new native launcher makes it a lot easier to join with the correct mods so I think that's less of an issue then in the past. You can't ever ignore the fact though, that many of the common mods are far from as well finished as the vanilla arma content, and cause numerous issues; I particularly steer clear of non-vanilla scopes for this reason. If as a player base we were fully focussed on the gameplay it would have to be vanilla all the way; but we do like our shinies
  6. javelin10

    Another player can connect to UAV

    Thanks for that. Still have to add that went it got taken over I'd had it up in the air for some time. You'd have thought if someone had been lucky enough to be looking at their terminal and connected so soon after I did they'd have started messing around with it sooner. What I experienced suggests that the window of opportunity is really quite large. Guess I'll have to do more testing in a multiplayer environment.
  7. javelin10

    Another player can connect to UAV

    Well I have to admit I only tested it in the editor with 2x Nato playable soldiers, Ix terminal each and 1x UAV up in the air. Unless the first soldier disconnected his own UAV from the terminal, the other guy could not connect, meaning he could not use the turret or the controls. Disconnecting the terminal only happens by death, by voluntary action or by removing the terminal from your item slot (I think). This is in the Editor, anyway. so when: Does this happen outside Exile as well? Cos if so this is an Arma bug not an exile bug and I need to report it there.
  8. javelin10

    Another player can connect to UAV

    Today I found another player had taken control of my UAV. This is not possible in Vanilla A3 unless you 'disconnect the terminal' first, even if the other player is on the same side as you. When it happened, I was able to control the turret, but could not take control of the uav itself as the other player was still in the 'pilot's seat'. This could prove expensive
  9. javelin10

    SHIT !!!!!! another arma 3 update

    I believe it was because the options they had included in 1.54 to disable their new stamina system weren't working properly. Hence all the whining yesterday in mod communities the world over. Hotfix was for that...
  10. javelin10

    Base Raiding

    I have nothing to contribute re who should trigger base 'raidability' but once triggered I think the 'raidable' flag should be up until restart.
  11. javelin10

    Arma 1.54 lower fps

    So many threads discussing what actually happened after the last update but no, the OP wants to start a new one just to vent his frustration at not being capable of using a forum search feature. Much better to come on here and let us all know how ignorant he is.
  12. javelin10

    Post Arma 1.54 Exile Related Bugs Here!

    Yeah, read this thread. TLDR: Arma updated today. Update broke many things. Most servers rolled back to 1.52
  13. javelin10

    Post Arma 1.54 Exile Related Bugs Here!

    To revert client version, see here.
  14. javelin10

    High Cal. weapons

    Some bizarre opinions being expressed in this thread; people saying reducing high-power weapons is dumbing down, people saying pvp more rewarding in A2 with its super low weapon sway that made 700+ meter kills MUCH easier than in Arma3, even from kneeling positions. What is wrong with an HMG one-shotting someone from 900m? ITS AN HMG FFS! I must have been playing some different, 'special' versions of arma from these guys; it sounds like the M107 brigade arguing for their own favourite loadout rather than arguing for the most varied and balanced survival experience Exile can be. Weapons over 7.62 are fun to have but should be the exception and are far too commonplace atm. Make the ammo rare and not available at traders and people will use a wider variety of weapons, which would make the mod better.
  15. javelin10

    Cannot switch thrown weapon

    Thanks guys, I'd changed the default mappings because I thought CTRL+G was too clumsy for my playstyle now that Arma3 has given us the number keys to play with. It seems, however, that the Exile Mod has 'reserved' ALL of the number keys for it's own use (would a dev care to comment?) and we can't do anything with them. I have added CTRL+G back into my mappings and it does, indeed, work properly