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  1. MrRebo

    Base not loading after restart

    The Ai is being spawned by a3 occupation and dms, but it just started randomly. I think it’s an issue from spawning zombies. Once I added them it started happening. EDIT: Heres another photo This is my profile, there is no detectedMines, but there is MineTag would I just add Detectedmines to it?
  2. MrRebo

    Base not loading after restart

    I have a base made on my server but after a restart earlier it wont spawn in, The database says its still there but these screenshots disagree Any help on how to fix this would be much appreciated. Issue #2 The second photo of those screenshots shows a Ai marked on the map moving which never happened until now also. Also how do I disable mines having a red triangle over them? RPT EDIT: Solved the first thing, The base was deleted because i didnt pay the protection fee. EDIT #2: Solved all issues thanks for the help
  3. MrRebo

    [Updated] Claim Non-Persistent Vehicles

    That makes no sense how can it be which program i have installed for pbo's when i didnt even use it during isntall?
  4. MrRebo

    [Updated] Claim Non-Persistent Vehicles

    I followed the instructions and get this error: ErrorMessage: File , line 1: Config: End of line encountered after ClaimVehicles_Server i didnt unpack any pbo or repack any pbo just uploaded it to exile server addons i dont know what to change
  5. MrRebo

    Cant Destroy buildables?

    Im talking the actual exile classnamed explosives for wood,metal,and concrete. Normal charges work but for some reason there is no option to place the exile explosives on bases.
  6. what path? all i did was add the class to my config and then remove the comment in the Exadclient cfgFunctions yeah i know im pretty clueless on this lol
  7. i installed the statbar and i can change the settings in the xm8 but the bar does not show up on screen..Ive made sure that the settings say show but no luck..... 1 person who joins my server get a error about exad_statbar not found or something close to that. Any help would be appreciated on how to fix it and make it show up
  8. MrRebo

    Cant Destroy buildables?

    On my server buildables cant be destroyed such as bases, I not sure why. If this is a config thing i need to fix can someone let me know what that is please. EDIT: I cant palce exile explosives either. Even with vanilla exile on my server it doesnt work and with mods enabled it doesnt work either.
  9. MrRebo

    We Wuz Kangz

    Fresh Chernarus ExileZ Server We have opened an Exile Chernarus for everyone to enjoy. This server is a form of Dayz & in retro-spec, we have added Ryan's Zombies to the server. To join the server you will need the following add-ons : Exile CUP Weapons CUP Vehicles CUP Units CUP Terrains Core CUP Terrains Maps Mas Weapons Mas Vehicles Ryan Zombies RZInfection NI - Arms TRYK TRYK Fix Community Based Addons If you have any issues joining please let us know by posting a comment here, or by sending an admin a private message.
  10. MrRebo

    No option to place breaching charges

    anyone figure out a fix?
  11. MrRebo

    No option to place breaching charges

    i have the same issue as you but i have started a new server at 1.0 and installed cup/mas and seems to be the exile explosives are not working, but also stealing a flag isn't working on my server either
  12. ive started a new server on chernarus and it seems none of the exile explosives work to base raid with. I think it has something to do with CUP or MAS weapons but theres no way to tell. IS there a way to get the exile ones to work over the others?
  13. MrRebo

    No option to place breaching charges

    none of the exile explosives work on my server for some reason, i dont know if its cup taking them over and making them not work, but my topic about this issue got deleted lol
  14. yep i figured it out, forgot to post on here. The mod load order was messed up.