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  1. Nathan

    Server Access

    Oh right, do you have the dedibox to yourself then? If so and you're not running anything that intensive on it, a VPS is alright, I assumed you were just renting a VPS from a company because they tend to cram tons of VPS machines onto the full machine making shared resources a pain in the ass for performance.
  2. Nathan

    Server Access

    Firstly I wouldn't recommend running off a VPS, your performance won't be great however that is not what you asked. A3Launcher requires you to add your server using the server check page on the website. After that, you will be able to see it in A3Launcher.
  3. Nathan

    BattlEye Messages on Linux?

    You could just run BEC with wine, would work decently
  4. Nathan

    Exile on Fedora 24

    Are your directories definitely in all lower-case? For example "@ExileServer" would not work, it has to be "@exileserver". Linux is a cry baby for case sensitive folders/files. Everything within the folder must be lower-case too otherwise the mod will not load correctly.
  5. Nathan

    [TAC] Exile Tanoa Militarized

    Server Mods Exile RHSUSAF RHSGREF RHSAFRF TRYK CPC_TRYK (TRYK patch) Features: Xeon, 16GB RAM, 3 x 120GB SSDs in RAID 1 for amazing server performance and stability Hourly database backups in the case of a hacker/server issue Fully militarized server, includes basically every weapon/vehicle in RHS (tanks, jets, IFVs, etc.) DMS missions with nice rewards Underwater stash sector mission from DMS with a massive payout Roaming AI Set View Distance in XM8 Rules on base locations to avoid trader/military zone camping Active admins with tons of experience in Exile + Arma 2/3 so we know what people want
  6. So basically something like a normal PBO extractor which can be run from the command line. You just feed it a directory parameter and it searches that directory for PBO files which are all extracted?
  7. Add the following to line 24 of scripts.txt !="';\n _function = _x select 0;\n _file = _x select 1;\n\n _code = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers _file;\n\n missionNamespace setVar"
  8. Nathan

    Personal Dedicated Server Suggestions

    You won't have much luck if you don't want to spend; dedicated servers cost a lot of money so you'd probably be better off building a normal computer and just running servers off that. Server hardware is so much more expensive than client hardware.
  9. Nathan

    Tonoa Setup Help

    haha we all make mistakes man
  10. Nathan

    Tonoa Setup Help

    Yup, spelling of "Tanoa" has to be right in the mission name otherwise it will not know which map to load. Just make it .Tanoa instead of .Tonoa and it should work fine
  11. Nathan

    Create Vehicle Script Restriction 0

    Mission file is in new server files on the download page, but if you're using infiSTAR make sure you have the BattlEye filters from infiSTAR installed otherwise anything infiSTAR menu tries to do will get you kicked
  12. Most likely just those servers not updating when you are trying to join. You sure all the ones you tried to join are all updated? The server owners have to manually update and seeing all of these problems to do with the new version sounds like some people are deciding not to update quickly.
  13. Nathan


    I had this issue a day or so ago. I just went through a process of reinstalling and now I can get past Loading Map although it takes quite a while. Maybe a bug with the new version? Not sure.
  14. Nathan

    load map plus this in RPT

    That is the "Noob Filter" shouting at you for adding weapons to your trader and/or loot tables that come with attachments. This enables duping and money farming (depending on the prices of your weapons). To solve, do as it says below the spam. Simply remove the items in the list from loot tables and/or traders if needed.
  15. Nathan

    Confused about new trader system?

    Firstly, trader items must be defined in CfgExileArsenal in config.cpp with a price like so: class CfgExileArsenal { class Exile_Car_HEMMT { quality = 1; price = 3000; }; }; Then, you must add them to a category in the traders in CfgTraderCategories (also in config.cpp): class Trucks { name = "Trucks"; icon = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayArsenal\itemacc_ca.paa"; items[] = { "Exile_Car_HEMMT" }; }; Then, this category must be added to a trader (which is probably already done): class Exile_Trader_Vehicle { name = "VEHICLE"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Cars", "Trucks" }; }; If all done correctly, they will display in appropriate traders with configured prices.