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  1. Erik1

    William's "Toast" Intro Clean and simple

    Here is mine if it helps. Just name the file what you want ex; Toast.sqf And call it from the init.sqf [] execVM "Toast.sqf"; //Toast intro
  2. place the files from infistar inside the Exile.Tanoa.pbo.
  3. Hi i dont have those lines in my description.ext ?
  4. Hi my respawnDelay is set to =120; in my description.ext.
  5. I get this error in this file
  6. Hello i have one problem when i revive the bleedout timer keeps counting down and player dies when it hit 0 what have i missed/done wrong? I have tried to reinstall it 5 times and getting the same problem the only ting that i changed was the ammount of times i can revive someone. any ideas? //Erik
  7. Erik1

    Remove Debug Console?

    Yes it was on dev moved over to sneak insted and the problem is gone.
  8. Erik1

    Remove Debug Console?

    No it is only defined once in my description.ext Here is a picture to show my problem.
  9. Erik1

    Remove Debug Console?

    Hi how can i remove debug console i have tried both 0 and 1 but its still there for everyone?
  10. Erik1

    GPS Battleye Script Restriction #0 Kick

    okey then u got stuck on kick #33? because im there now and working on a fix i hope can post here if i find it.
  11. Erik1

    GPS Battleye Script Restriction #0 Kick

    HI i got the same problem tried all the filters in the post what did you end up using to get it working? (or to the next kick atleast) //Erik
  12. Erik1

    Script Restriction #0

    I have placed the new line at the end of line 2. 7 EventHandler but still getting kicked for the same error?
  13. Erik1

    Script Restriction #0

    Yes line 2 in script.txt there is where i added the line?
  14. Erik1

    Script Restriction #0

    Hi no sadly the same kick and error after i tried that one?
  15. Erik1

    Script Restriction #0

    Hello im having trouble with script restriction#0 and i cant seem to get any filters working for it? My error from the log: #0 "lShow [4092, false]; _esc = (findDisplay 24015) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", "if(_this select 1 == 1)then{ExileClientXM8Cu" The filter i tried: And still getting the same kicks what im i doing wrong? / the script i installed was XM8 apps/ Any ideas? !=#0 "lShow [4092, false];\n_esc = (findDisplay 24015) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", "if(_this select 1 == 1)then{ExileClientXM8Cu"