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  1. Here is mine if it helps. Just name the file what you want ex; Toast.sqf And call it from the init.sqf [] execVM "Toast.sqf"; //Toast intro
  2. place the files from infistar inside the Exile.Tanoa.pbo.
  3. Hi i dont have those lines in my description.ext ?
  4. Hi my respawnDelay is set to =120; in my description.ext.
  5. I get this error in this file http://pastebin.com/L4jeu09r
  6. Hello i have one problem when i revive the bleedout timer keeps counting down and player dies when it hit 0 what have i missed/done wrong? I have tried to reinstall it 5 times and getting the same problem the only ting that i changed was the ammount of times i can revive someone. any ideas? //Erik
  7. Yes it was on dev moved over to sneak insted and the problem is gone.
  8. No it is only defined once in my description.ext Here is a picture to show my problem.
  9. Hi how can i remove debug console i have tried both 0 and 1 but its still there for everyone?
  10. okey then u got stuck on kick #33? because im there now and working on a fix i hope can post here if i find it.
  11. HI i got the same problem tried all the filters in the post what did you end up using to get it working? (or to the next kick atleast) //Erik
  12. I have placed the new line at the end of line 2. 7 EventHandler but still getting kicked for the same error?
  13. Yes line 2 in script.txt there is where i added the line?
  14. Hi no sadly the same kick and error after i tried that one?
  15. Hello im having trouble with script restriction#0 and i cant seem to get any filters working for it? My error from the log: #0 "lShow [4092, false]; _esc = (findDisplay 24015) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", "if(_this select 1 == 1)then{ExileClientXM8Cu" The filter i tried: And still getting the same kicks what im i doing wrong? / the script i installed was XM8 apps/ Any ideas? !=#0 "lShow [4092, false];\n_esc = (findDisplay 24015) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", "if(_this select 1 == 1)then{ExileClientXM8Cu"