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  1. Dumé Paoli  [FR]

    [Release] Custom Tanoa TradeZones 2

    Hi everybody I have a worry when I try to open the mission.sqm in the eden editor that puts me as "error message when loading the scenario" someone would you tell me why?
  2. Dumé Paoli  [FR]

    Kick without reason Infistar

    I've tried the KyleMode and it's always the same..
  3. Dumé Paoli  [FR]

    Kick without reason Infistar

    Hi everyone First of all I want to apologize for my English, I'm French and I do not speak English very well. So I explain my problem, I installed infistar with the latest version on my server but when testing players to join they can play for one to two minutes and then they get kick for no reason, there is no one message in the logs and the console. I just noticed that since I installed it Infistar there's a message that appears in the console server start that I had not before. " Successfull attempt to execute serverCommand '#kick 0' by server." this one would be it because of the kicks? Logs RTP Thank you for your help cordially
  4. Dumé Paoli  [FR]

    EXILE-Z Project - Add Zombies to Exile

    Hi, sorry for some mistakes I am French, but I have a concern on my server zombies make me no damage and want to know how to address this concern, thank you in advance