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  1. John

    [Release] Simple Dynamic Status Icons

    Sweet, In case you are not sure, the variable you are looking for when you work on temperature is - _bodyTemperature = ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 5; _bodyWetness = ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 6; _ambientTemperature = ExileClientEnvironmentTemperature; // Or just simply ExileClientEnvironmentTemperature =)
  2. John

    [Release] Simple Dynamic Status Icons

    @dbw Really nice dude, wish I had the patience to learn GUI editing. I see some people here calling for additions like FPS etc, I think its fine the way it is, keep it less a "status bar" and more a "hud addition"! You could expand on this, and add in temperature, then you could remove the current Exile hunger / thirst display and have your version instead. Wd
  3. John

    SNOW TIME - v 0.9.8 -[updated 31-08-2017]

    Yep, but in your script its being executed locally. So it will only have a short temporary effect before the client's "rain" value is returned to the current server side value.
  4. John

    SNOW TIME - v 0.9.8 -[updated 31-08-2017]

    No, Exile's standard snow feature works off surface types, ie if you are standing on a defined surface type, Exile creates the snow. This script makes it so that it snows based off the environment temperature, also adjust the snow particles based on overcast it seems. @W4lly if ( _tTemp <= 1) then { 0 setRain 0; setRain, will work client side, but will automatically almost instantly update to the current rain value on the server - So, running this command is essentially pointless.
  5. I hope your server never works.
  6. I didn't say you were stupid. I called you rude, because of the way you acted in our PM, from the moment you started a dialog with me you were accusing and basically a jerk. You also pm'd me earlier, about other errors which were a clear indication you either merged an update incorrectly or straight up did not install properly. How do I know this? When I add a new function in an update, then get a message from someone showing an RPT spam, with an undefined variable in expression error for that exact function I know, they didn't update their files correctly. This issue happens when EXILE update, people try and try to merge their files and constantly fuck it up, Eichi spends hours upon hours telling people to check and check. But I digress. Your problem is not with my files, your problem is something with your setup. The issue is - _roadPosition = [Event_world_centerPosition,30000] call ExileClient_util_world_findRoadPosition; For whatever reason, an error is being thrown, but I can't tell you why. I can tell you, thre are multiple Esseker servers running Reborn, by competent people who arent arsholes, where the issue does not exist, there, now I called you stupid. If you want, listen to @BetterDeadThanZed 's advice and try again, also if you want. In infiStar debug, tell me the result of the following executed locally hint str (toLower worldName); Maybe the map issue mentioned is causing the world name to return something dumb, in turn breaking everything. Else? I actually don't care what you do. Thanks. @kuplion Thanks =) ill put it in next update.
  7. John

    Script Question, ranking

    "Your script is fucked" is easier to interpret in any language then what you wrote.
  8. Those things are fine by me.
  9. John

    Exile Eden Plugin [Video Stream]

    This, the one bug bear I have with the plugin is while it is very powerful, once you have saved your mission.sqm and reload it, adding new markers etc can be annoying. I guess im not asking for a tutorial, I know how to do it. But I thought it was worth mentioning for others =-)
  10. @Eichi works great mate. Thanks
  11. Your miss understanding, people can add what they want, do what they want, all I ask is they don't call it "Reborn", because its not then Exile Reborn, its just Exile (with a bunch of random stuff) =)
  12. You can, just disassociate your server with the Reborn name (please), not trying to be mean, but there are - 1548 servers, probably 1500 of them are the exact same carbon copy of each other "Highloot|FPS+|DMS|Zupa|VG|Loot+ etc" I don't want Reborn in there, its not an addition, its a complete package. Like I said, you can do what you want, but please don't put Reborn in your name =)