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  1. My bad.... Github updated. To manually fix, in the "Bones_fnc_Rearm.sqf" file, the last line: ["SuccessTitleOnly", ["Rearm Complete, Total Cost was %1 Poptabs", _reloadCost]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; should be replaced with this: ["SuccessTitleOnly", [format["Rearm Complete, Total Cost was %1 Poptabs", _reloadCost]]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast;
  2. No special reason, just remove: if (ExilePlayerInSafezone) exitWith { ["ErrorTitleOnly", ["Leave Safezone First!"]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; }; from the 2 files under the menu folder if you want to change it.
  3. Varp, To remove the re-arm just don't add the trigger part for rearm menu in config.cpp.
  4. Sorry gents for the long break... damn RL. So i have this to a point where it seems usable. Have done basic testing, but rather then spend ages testing every aspect, thought I'd put it out there for people to test themselves. Github Link below. https://github.com/Bones50/Vehicle-Service-Centre Note there will be bugs, I may have left some debug code in there, and the code is not yet fully optimized/cleaned up. Haven't tested it yet with Mod vehicles, so if it doesn't work let me know and I'll see what i can do. I haven't done install/config instructions if you need help let me know. Please post feedback, suggestions or issues. Quick rundown on features: General Set to trigger the options based on being in range of an object. I used 'Land_FuelStation_02_workshop_F' by default. You can change by putting a different option in Bones_fnc_vspInRange.sqf AND in the config.cpp parts added as part of the install (and yes i will fix this later to use a single variable ). Note same goes for range to service point. Added to scroll wheel options on the vehicle when in range of the defined object (see above) Uses the command menu to access options (just like my SARS script). AmmoReload: reload all ammo option, reload specific magazine option. Ammo is costed per bullet (configurable), with the total cost being based on the number of bullets to get all mags to full from current remaining bullets. To set your bullet costs you will need to get the ammo class for that vehicle/turret/barrel and add it to the rearm menu script in the price array. Repair: Added a refuel option (costed per litre - configurable in the refuel menu script) Repair all option, repair all wheels option, repair all windows option, repair each individual item option. Repair cost is based on items defined as needed for repair (configurable). Uses the trader price for the object(s) required to get the total price. I set it like this so that you can define the same options as my Super Advanced Repair Script to ensure no advantage between that and this in terms of costs. Let me know how you go with it!
  5. Slowly Getting there.... Note the change to mag definition. In my original script it had a master max mag number. That was annoying because if the vehicle by default had more mags configured, and you hadn't run down the mag count enough in the vehicle to get it below that master count, you wouldn't get the option to re-arm leading people to believe it was broken. Hence why i defined it by Mag in this script... BUT... some vehicles use the same ammo/barrel but have different default configs for mag count. So still was getting the problem. After hours of searching worked out how to get the default mag count for every turret/barrel from the vehicle config. Less config required, works first time every time! Now to finish the repair function ReArm - COMPLETE: Per Turret Magazine Definition (allows you to define how many mags each turret should be reloaded with) - Removed, Replaced with below Per 'Vehicle Config' Magazine Definition (uses the number of mags the vehicle is configured to have by default, e.g. on spawning, in the vehicle config) - Complete Rearm All Function (includes all features for all Turrets/Barrels/Ammo Types) - Complete RUS/CUP Vehicle Config & Test (Only need to define cost/bullet now for CUP ammo types due to point 2) - No Longer Required Repair: Per Part Cost ( Allows you to define items required to repair each type of part, and retrieves costs of all required parts from arsenal to work out repair costs) - In progress Fix All Function (includes all the above for all Parts) - To Do Repair Function - In Testing ExileMod Vehicle Tests - To Do
  6. Oh one other thing.... @Varpulis " having to reload via the menu after rearming " Goooone!
  7. Another update on progress on rewriting this from scratch, in case anyone is interested: General: New Toast Notifications - Complete Toast Notification when entering/leaving Service Point range - Complete ReArm: Dynamic Menus (shows only turrets that need reloading, and allows reloading of individual turrets) - Complete Per Turret Magazine Definition (allows you to define how many mags each turret should be reloaded with) - Complete Per Bullet Costs (Allows you to define per bullet cost per mag type, and only charges you for the bullets required to reload from current ammo level) - Complete Rearm All Function (includes all the above for all Turrets) - To Do Rearm Function - Complete Rearm multiple Bullet Types for each Turret (e.g. rearm HE Shells in tank guns) - Complete Smoke/Flare Launcher Reload Config & Test - Complete @Varpulis @BaroN @kuplion Exilemod Vehicle Config & Test - Complete RUS/CUP Vehicle Config & Test - To Do (May leave this, release for base exile, and add instructions on how to add vehicles to the config for those with vehicle mods) @graylyn Repair: Dynamic Menus (shows only parts that need repairing, and allows repairing of individual parts) - Complete Per Part Cost ( Allows you to define items required to repair each type of part, and retrieves costs of all required parts from arsenal to work out repair costs) - In progress Item Inventory Check ( Takes into account items required for repair in your inventory and removes them rather than charging for that part - To Do (Maybe leave this until version 2, or not at all to avoid cranky people losing inventory gear unexpectedly ) Fix All Function (includes all the above for all Parts) - To Do Repair Function - In Testing ExileMod Vehicle Tests - To Do If anyone has anything else they would like to see added/fixed (or concerns with any of the above) let me know.
  8. Didn't see that convo.... but there are a couple of things i think might work, like removing the smoke launcher/flare launcher from the vehicle entirely, adding a magazine and then adding the launcher back to the vehicle. Needs testing, but pretty confident some combo of all the add/remove mag/turret/reload commands will work. Will let you know.
  9. I noticed this with my ammosave script as well. I think i found a couple of potential fixes for that script, will test them and then apply it to the rewrite of this script as well. Just an update for all in terms of progress, almost finished the dynamic menus (repair/re-arm individual parts/guns that need it with individual pricing), and have thrown together a rough cut of the actual repair/rearm scripts themselves (minus the flares/smoke rearm obviously). Should have some time this weekend (depending on how big Friday is ) to progress it significantly. Hoping to start testing/tweaking it next week.
  10. All. Some people had some probs installing this and thought it was one of my scripts overlapping (confirmed not). To save hassle (for me), see below detailed install instructions (Note: assumes stock exile 1.04 install): 1. Download your mission PBO file from the server (e.g. exile.altis.pbo if your running Altis as the map) 2. Un-PBO mission file. 3. Create a folder call "Custom" (unless your already have one) in the root of the mission file. 4. Create a sub-folder called "FlagHacking". 5. Create 2 sub-folders in the above folder called "ClientFiles" and "ServerFiles" 6. Copy the following files into the ServerFiles folder you created: 7. Copy the following files into the ClientFiles folder you created: 8. Copy the file "ExileClient_action_execute.sqf" into the "FlagHacking" folder alongside the clientfiles and serverfiles folders. 9. Create or edit your init.sqf as advised by Kuplion below (i'll go through the customcode and delayed actions changes he mentions in later steps) . @kuplion nice one btw 10. Add the following text to the bottom of your config.cpp file in your mission PBO. 11. Find the "class CfgInteractionMenus" section of your config.cpp, and then find the "class Flag" subsection, and edit it to look like this: 12. Find the "class CfgExileCustomCode" section of your config.cpp file and add the following: ExileClient_action_execute = "Custom\FlagHacking\ExileClient_action_execute.sqf"; 13. Save your config.cpp, re_PBO your mission file, upload to server and hey presto! Your good to go.
  11. @BaroN @General_Jacob As I said in my response, after looking through the code there where no overlaps so should work. Just tested on my server and works perfectly. FYI... The install of flag hacking is a bit tricky if you don't know what your doing. I'll add some install instructions on the original thread to help over here -->
  12. @General_Jacob I'm used to perusing long logs...... Definitely not my script, but a couple of pointers that might help. The error occurs immediately on a player logging in. Could have something to do with any scripts that effect that event, like a player loadout script. Also you don't need any script to save ammo to the database in parallel to mine (in fact i would definitely avoid it). To pull the vehicle ammo data back out of the database in any script use the below: _query = format["getVehicleAmmo:%1", _vehicleID] call ExileServer_system_database_query_selectSingle; _savedMagazines = _query select 0; where _vehicleID obviously is the vehicle you want it for. It will give you turret path, ammo class name and ammo count for each turret and each barrel on each turret, as saved in the "ammo" field in the database for that vehicle.
  13. hrm... the error is not related to any code in my script at all. I have this installed on a fresh server with no errors so maybe the overwrites messing with another scripts overwrites (i.e. if you have another script that changes those files you'll need to merge them)? Any rhyme or reason to the error coming up (i.e. related to a specific action or in a particular part of the log? If you can give the full log i can try and see if there's a pattern to it.
  14. I assume you mean RHS vehicles? When i finish rebuilding the script i'll test with RHS, but might be an RHS vehicle config issue rather than the script itself