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  1. I'll have a look this week some time. Might be something to do with an arma update
  2. I would say you messed something up with the install. Recheck every step. There is an entry in the config.cpp file and in the config file in the download that handles this. As far as the poptab bit, not sure, never messed around with it.
  3. Try this, haven't played around with it in a while though so not sure how stable it is on the latest releases. Replaces spawn function with a new one that spawns persistent vehicles, with damage.
  4. Damage/fuel is saved as a standard exile function as part of it's vehicle saving. If that's not working it's a problem with your exile install. If you want the ammo to save, look over here -->
  5. Hey mate, problem is the in the publicVariableVal.txt file, not the publicvariable.txt one. They both feed errors to publicvariable.log. The key is where it says "Value Restriction", thats how you know it's the var one that's the problem. Change the number in there to 3 and your good to go (if you work out how to create a static exception for a varying number let me know lol.
  6. Since your talking about re-arm and refuel...I assume you mean the service point, not the vehicle repair script this thread is about? In which case: 1. Yes planning on adding this if work ever lets me get some spare time! :) 2. When you say marker size, do you mean range of the activation or actual size of the marker on the map? if the former, change the vmsRange variable in the vmsConfig file. The latter might be a bit trickier, let me have a look once you confirm what you are after.
  7. That's a database issue, nothing to do with this script. Exile automatically saves damage to the database, so you must have messed with something pretty bad. I'd start my search over here -->
  8. Sorry gents, crazy busy at work so haven't looked at this as much as i would like. Pulled requests merged back into main branch. Thanks @StokesMagee
  9. Not sure, kept it configured for extDB2 for simplicities sake. Check page 2/3 of the thread there are some instructions about configuring it for etxDB3.
  10. You, good sir, are a legend!
  11. They are the exact same script. I'm just testing a new version that combines this, ammosave, vehicle spawner and advanced vehicle repair (early days so don't get too excited ) so trying to re-use code wherever practicable. If you have the latest ammosave installed, just remove the duplicate Bones_fnc_getVehicleLoadout compile in the init.sqf and you are good to go.
  12. Thanks Slider, yes that indeed is the IDD of the GUI. I'll add instructions to the GITHUB. And done! @infiSTAR Any chance of getting this added to the default IDD's?
  13. I'll add an option to the config to change the colour of the font shortly. @Slider @KyleGD
  14. See KyleGD's solution. So far I haven't been able to find a way to stop trigger areas overlapping so it will create a trigger and execute the notification/addaction for each trigger. Someone turned down the detection range which also reduces that issue, but KyleGD's is the best way. Remember you can also increase the detection range with a single trigger object to cover all of the pumps. you could even place an invisible helipad in the centre and use that in the vmsconfig as the trigger object.
  15. Good pickup, missed that step. GITHUB updated. I assume you mean something that prevents certain vehicle classes from using the service point? I can add that easily enough will have a look this week.