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  1. Simych

    SV Exile RHS NAPF

    WELCOME SV Exile server server: Teamspeak: Produced in a set of moderators. Protection: INFISTAR, Battleye Simple server with the additions. No compulsion to Donato. Play in your udovolstvie. Additional services are provided by the administrator himself. NAPF download lottery - Scratchies (LOTTERY) View Distance Player Scan Player Stats Welcome Messages AI Missions - DMS AI Patrol AIR Patrol Vehicle Patrol Revive R3F status bar Deploy Bike - 500$ Build Here - Check the suitability of the terrain BUY - Buying sets (construction materials...) Additional services -
  2. I can not find the settings for the destination distance spawn goods vehicles. Poor appears C130. (RHSmod) it can not be taxied on the runway. Please, help.
  3. Yes thank you! I guess he has to use the "." Just think, a mistake! Thanks again.
  4. I read using AkelPad? A unzipped using PBO Manager
  5. In the configuration file there is a line 213 There "name = "Cook Surströmming";" . This is a mistake, or it should be ??
  6. Simych

    R3F Exile

    kick Value Restriction #0 "r3f_log_objets_charges" = [4b206b00# 1814406: quadbike_01_f.p3d REMOTE] 2:475 Exile_Car_Van_Box_Black setVariable.txt
  7. Simych

    xm8 status bar

    He added to the line 37 got error # 38 He added to the line 40 got error # 43 okeeey ... He added to the line 45 it worked! I think it will continue until the end of the list to add
  8. Simych

    xm8 status bar

    kick scripts.log scripts.txt