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  1. =GcG= DirtyPede

    Reserved Slots!

    Is it possible to do the uuid list like this? _reserved_uids = [ #include "custom\steamidlist\uuidlist.hpp" ]; instead of this: _reserved_uids = [ "00000000000000000", // First UID "00000000000000000" // Second UID ];
  2. =GcG= DirtyPede

    Custom flags

    Hi there We trying to load the player uuids from a seperate file in the CfgFlags, but cant get it to work. The server wont start up. It works when we just paste the player uuids in to CfgFlags. CfgFlags: The player uuid list file:
  3. =GcG= DirtyPede

    No restarts messages

    The schedule is only for testing on the dev server, because the schedule isn't working on the main server.
  4. =GcG= DirtyPede

    No restarts messages

    Hi there Im getting no restarts messages, but the server is restarting at the specified times in the config. Im running a vanilla exile with only infistar as a addon, and i have no idea what is wrong. /* show time left to next restart */ USE_RESTART_TIMER = "true"; USE_RESTART_TIMES_ARRAY = "true"; /* if USE_RESTART_TIMES_ARRAY = "true"; -> {hour,minute} .. put in the times when your server restarts (server real world time) */ RESTART_TIMES[] = { {00,00}, {01,00}, {02,00}, {03,00}, {04,00}, {05,00}, {06,00}, {07,00}, {08,00}, {09,00}, {10,00}, {11,00}, {12,00}, {13,00}, {14,00}, {15,00}, {16,00}, {17,00}, {18,00}, {19,00}, {20,00}, {21,00}, {22,00}, {23,00} }; /* if USE_RESTART_TIMES_ARRAY = "false"; -> restart time in minutes (default: 180min == 3 hours) */ RESTART_TIME_IN_M = 180; TIME_FUNCTION_USED = "diag_tickTime"; // diag_tickTime (starts with arma3server.exe), time (starts with mpmission init) /* show restart announcement message x min before restart -> SERVER RESTART IN: X MINS | (calculated from RESTART_TIMES[])*/ RESTART_ANNOUNCE_X_MIN[] = {1,2,3,5,8,10,15,20,30}; /* #shutdown the server using #shutdown */ USE_RESTART_TIMER_SHUTDOWN = "true"; RESTART_WARNING_SOUND = "Alarm"; // for example: Alarm or air_raid
  5. =GcG= DirtyPede

    [SOLVED] Running only infistar

    Hi there. Is it safe to just run infistar and ditch the battleye filters? They are giving me a headache, everytime i have to mess with them.
  6. Roger. I will do that.
  7. I assume since there no instructions on how to update, i just have to replace every file??
  8. =GcG= DirtyPede

    [Request] Teleport/Freeze/Retrain Entire Groups

    i dig this
  9. =GcG= DirtyPede

    mass message

    Awesome stuff. But one feature i love from the bec scheduler is that i can make message appear a specified time, like: EVERYDAY @ 15:00 say "Now it's time for beer". It would be awesome to be able to do that with infistar, so that i can begin to ditch bec
  10. =GcG= DirtyPede

    [Wish] Timeban and AntiHack log notification

    Just awesome! When is it coming out as an update?? and what about my other suggestion?
  11. =GcG= DirtyPede

    Radiation zones

    I have made this on our server
  12. Hi there My rpt file gets spammed with this everytime a mission spawns: 3:41:55 a3\structures_f_heli\vr\helpers\sign_sphere25cm_f.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape Is there something i can do to get rid off it??
  13. =GcG= DirtyPede

    [Wish] Timeban and AntiHack log notification

    1. Exactly. And maybe the admins could get popup, even if they are playing as normal players? (startAsNormal) 2. I didnt know that was a tempban in infistar, because i cant find it in the menu.
  14. =GcG= DirtyPede

    [Wish] Timeban and AntiHack log notification

    Hi there infistar Is it possible to add timebans to infistar? And somehow make notifications pop up on the screen to admins from the AntiHack log, so that admins dont have look in the AntiHack log all time.
  15. =GcG= DirtyPede

    Adding fire and smoke to specific place

    Hi there. I found out that i can make fire and smoke on the ground with the functions ModuleEffectsFire and ModuleEffectsSmoke. I can get to work in 3den, but i dont know how to make work in Exile. Example: ModuleEffectsSmoke function: ModuleEffectsFire function: