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  1. 0X2AFF

    Simple Deploy Bike for InfiSTAR's XM8Custom Apps

    It's not that hard to change that. Or to let Bambis spawn with a Duct Tape deployBike.sqf line 6 if ("YOUR ITEM ID" in (magazines player)) then { or for a not magazine type item if ("YOUR ITEM ID" in (assigneditems player + items player)) then { deployBike.sqf line 8 player removeItem "YOUR ITEM ID"; scrapBike.sqf line 9 player additem "YOUR ITEM ID";
  2. XM8CustomDeployBike XM8CustomApps (InfiSTAR) Deploy Bike System by exceptionptr (0x2AFF) https://github.com/0x2aff/XM8CustomDeployBike Want another feature? Just ask Have fun!
  3. 0X2AFF

    Lords of Mating

    DMS Missions System Deploy Bike XM8 Script Change View Distance XM8 Script Ground Spawn Balanced Economy
  4. 0X2AFF

    Welcome Dialog on player connect

    No. Extract your missions pbo and create a new folder addons/welcome/ and put the welcome.sqf there. Add if (hasInterface || isServer) then { [] call compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "addons\welcome\welcome.sqf"; }; to the init.sqf of your mission, pack it into a pbo and have fun.
  5. 0X2AFF

    Need Help / bambi creation timeout / New Server

    Can you show us your exile database structure?
  6. 0X2AFF

    Which to download?

    If you just seeking for some fun on a public server use A3Launcher or pick a Mirror from @Exile section that is the nearest to your location. If u want to host your own server check this out!
  7. 0X2AFF

    Best linux option for Arma 3 / Exile Server

    Therefore I don't think that OP will have problems with the perfomance. I believe he won't have a community that will fill his server with 60 player every day. Of course he has to be carefull that he doesn't install to many mods. Besides that he wont be dissapointed. But thats just my two cents
  8. 0X2AFF

    [GER]Exile Server

    Es gibt Interesse wenn es Informationen gibt. Was machen wir nun? Ich glaub das ist eine Pattsituation.
  9. 0X2AFF

    [GER]Exile Server

    Null Informationen über das Projekt. Was erwartest du denn dann als Reaktion?
  10. 0X2AFF

    Best linux option for Arma 3 / Exile Server

    Did you use the performance branch/binary? With a little work i never experienced significant problems with ARMA 3 dedicated servers on a linux system. Thats the reason i am so curious about "these problems".
  11. 0X2AFF

    Best linux option for Arma 3 / Exile Server

    That's not a proof
  12. 0X2AFF

    Best linux option for Arma 3 / Exile Server

    Can you prove this? I don't think so.
  13. 0X2AFF

    Someone to help set up a sever? I'll pay$$

    Read the sticky. And every add-on on this site comes with a install guide. For missions check DMS for custom Loadout read the sticky. He explains how to change the server pbo config. There you will find the settings for the loadout. It's not like you can't find those infos if you would use the search function. I'm scared how many people buy game server but have no idea how to use and configure them and how many people that know how to do this stuff aren't able to afford a game server. Hah I wish I would have enough money to throw it away.
  14. 0X2AFF

    Best linux option for Arma 3 / Exile Server

    Choose a modern Linux with long term and you are fine. Linux isn't hard to manage. Not harder than wincrap.
  15. 0X2AFF

    Help with RYANZOMBIES & EXILEZ-2

    Extract exilez.pbo and change in init/fn_init.sqf following line to 1 and pack it again. _ryanzombiescivilianattacks = 1;