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  1. paku

    DualArms - Two Primary Weapons

    Hi! I have small problem with this script (addon), everything works fine until a player changes a weapon twice. After that his inventory view is blocked, can see only animation, but Inventory window does not open. Only reload helps.
  2. paku

    Server Watermark

    @DavieReid88 Thank you for help
  3. paku

    Server Watermark

    Hi. How put this watermark to right-top corner? On the left-top are information about players in my party (family), etc.
  4. OK.... life is brutal.... THX for answers PS. Topic to close
  5. OK, then I understand this is a normal situation, nothing wrong?
  6. Hello! I am "Bambi" on this forum and Exile Server Administration, and I need some help with the infiSTAR command "!admin" When I enter this command as the administrator, I am immediately kicked from the server, instead of the change my status to normal player. I can not found any information about this issue on this forum, then I open this topic here. Does not matter if I go to the server as a normal player (put my UID to "startAsNormal[] =" section) or as an administrator (put my UID only to "adminUIDandAccess[] =" section), every time if I use "!admin" I am kicked of from server I will be grateful for any help Thank you.