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  1. I have it! in config.cpp, custom code for ExAd was a typo
  2. Hi, Overlord, many thanks for checking , but this bracket is end of class CfgXM8. I have all checked many times....
  3. Hi together, i need HELP!!!! I have a big problem since the 1.0.4 update. When I click on the button for CHVD or UnitScanner or SB_Settings, an empty window appears without buttons. You can not do anything except relog. The all another Apps works propertly. i have study all install manuals, all files for the 3 Apps and exad are original from last github. No errors in rpt logs I'm fully desperate here is my config.cpp exad section, what is wrong please?
  4. Hi, great Missions - but why are so many crates on my map, i have only 2 crates defined and in anomaly scripts set bottom only 2 lines via anomaly. My Farty Script: My spectre Script: And Screamer:
  5. Hi good Idea @geekm0nkey, i think so it's possible! And better to place this code into the section with a createMarker, or not?
  6. And what is as Protection Gear defined? "H_PilotHelmetFighter_B" (the Helmet is by Guards equipt) or "H_CrewHelmetHeli_B" from Install-Description ?
  7. Ah Thanks!
  8. Hi, Nice Job!. How to activate Strigoi Anomaly in occupation? And what is Spectre in config? Greeting
  9. Not forget, Zeds and many Missions AI are EAST too!
  10. Yes, this money-thing may be works, but if a player died, are AIs orphan and useless.... Great Idea with a cleaning Script, many Thanks... I try to find a way for timeout or event-based cleanup of only player owned Guards... Like onRespawn or onDead functions Greeting!
  11. The Ryanzombies are engaged from the Bodyguards
  12. Hello Aussie Battler, please help us! We've discovered an urgent problem - if player dies or disconnects, his guards will stay on until the restart. When you reconnect and spawn the new AIs, they are going to the first-spawned Guards to stand idle ... So our server was after 2 hours with 15 AIs that did nothing and just took performance. Is it possible to disapear the guards by a timeout, or to make them disappear instantly when the Ownerr-Player disconnected or dead? Greeting!
  13. hi together, for our survival server we needed only Bodyguards like survivor and no one Army of heavy armed and armored Rambos. I adapted the file bodyguard.sqf a bit, only one guard can be spawned, and it has only low budget weapon
  14. Hello Code-Guyz, i have some questions about this great Script: 1. how i can limit the number of Guardians? So that a player can not spawn more than, for example, two AI's? 2. And how i can adjust the loadout of the AIs (with removeItem / addItem)? 3. Why are (my own spawned AIs) randomly running away from me? Thanks for your Ideas
  15. 2xW ExileReborn - true Survival

    hello you, survival experts, welcome to our Exile reborn server! Here you can prove and develop your survival experiences: - no food and drink distributors - every dealer sits in his own place, the traveling between the traders is already a logistical challenge. - no safe zones by Trader. Trade is a risk that everyone has to calculate for themselves. - zombies, random head hunters and NPC patrols are trying to destroy you. - AI missions help you to get experience, money and equipment. - extreme thunderstorms and EMP storms rage across the devastated land. - vehicles and helicopters must be repaired with spare parts so that they are functional - extended health and crafting system. You can hunt, restore your health around the campfire, create your own medical supplies - you can get infection and die - Keep your wounds clean. You can become unconscious of the injuries, your teammates can bandage, heal or revive you ... - There is only one rule, try to survive as long as possible. - The longer you survive, the more experience points and bonuses you get. Media: Video from LiveGamesTVNL Channel Credits: follow the Channel "LiveGamesTVNL"