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  1. Torndeco

    mARMA - Server Monitoring, Live Map, RE...

    @geekm0nkey Your account should be sorted out
  2. Torndeco

    How i can change x86 Bit to x64 bit?

    There is no 64bit armaserver for Linux, you are stuck with 32bit
  3. Torndeco

    [Done] ExtDb3 Compatibility with Exile

    Well either your dlls are blocked (google for how to unblock dlls) or you made a mistake.
  4. Torndeco

    [Done] ExtDb3 Compatibility with Exile Make sure you have installed vc2015 redist for 32/64bit
  5. Torndeco

    [Done] ExtDb3 Compatibility with Exile

    Debug version will just so the inputs & outputs from the extension. Useful to see exactly what armaserver told the extension todo You will get error info from all the extDB3 versions
  6. Torndeco

    Simple vs Private Performance graph
  7. Torndeco

  8. The original code is fine This also has potential to break in future version of arma, if getNumber returns something besides zero if entry doesn't exist (i.e this behaviour isn't in the spec) Nevermind you mentioned calculcations in the configs, should give people examples
  9. Torndeco

    DS Houses

    Addon/Mod Load Order isn't a thing with Arma3 unlike Arma2. (if the author has done required addons correctly) The only possible another addon could cause a screw up if they had typo mistake in the configs. You will generally notice a popup error on the client for this.
  10. Torndeco

    DS Houses
  11. Torndeco


    Personally usage won't apply if others users are downloading the modified content. Plus you still don't have the rights to upload to Steam Workshop. --------------------- I actually have gotten content removed from Valve Workshop that was repackaged without my permission. CUPs & RHS have prob filed over a hundred DCMAs (really wish i was exaggerating there). Pretty sure Exile has also filed DCMA in the past for re-uploads of Exile to Steam Workshop. You are welcome to ask other people about it in arma 3 discord in # ip rights violations. -------------------- The post was only up for barely a day. We have also link the relevant sections of steam agreement that people read & accept when uploading content to steam workshop. Short version is you can't repackage and upload content to the likes of Steam Workshop, without permission/rights from the authors. If the original author can proof the content is his, then he can DCMA it. He can join arma 3 discord # ip rights violations, and ask someone that has filed DCMAs. There is link aswell for filing DMCA with Steam Workshop and a workshop crawler he can use to see if anyone else upload his content on Steam. I also recommend he has chat on arma 3 discord, more people there with experience there, than on Exile Forums. Edit: Its also implied that if someone is recombining an addon its to give to other users. Otherwise its pointless or why would you even bother to ask if no-one will ever find out (if it was for personally usage). Also you were the first person to bring up Steam Workshop
  12. Torndeco

    DS Houses

    Have no interest in OCP It's just bascially just the original files (from another author) repackaged with some config fixes. The files aren't even binarized / built, its also why its so damn big. Players have a tendency to report old bugs. I also spend 2-3 days fixing up the building offsets (due to PATH LODs) manually, so there shouldn't be any issues. Please confirm bugs & give me some info and i will get it sorted out asap.
  13. Torndeco

    DS Houses

    Should be all fixed now. Plus you didn't bother to get position / screenshot on a map with issue. So nothing i can do
  14. Torndeco


    One of your original links was steam workshop search for Exile. You also gave people the impression you can repackage addons for use on only your server. Regardless basically re-packaging up addons and uploading to steam workshop is not something you can do in majority of cases without rights/permission from author(s). -------- If your addon was uploaded to steam workshop and you don't have an opensource or arma license attached to it, just DMCA it. You may need to prove you created it first etc if they decide to fight it. But it is up to you to defend your IP. It is also useful todo stuff on free private repos hosting by the likes of bitbucket/gitlab, that way you got some proof. This type of talk is better suited in arma3 discord #ip_rights_violation channel, you will even get link to steam workshop content crawler (That will help you find if anyone else has repackaged your steam workshop content). Also alot more people there that have filed DMCAs on Steam Workshop Content
  15. Torndeco


    Notwithstanding the license described in Section 6.A., Valve will only have the right to modify or create derivative works from your Workshop Contribution in the following cases: (a) Valve may make modifications necessary to make your Contribution compatible with Steam and the Workshop functionality or user interface, and (b) Valve or the applicable developer may make modifications to Workshop Contributions that are accepted for in-Application distribution as it deems necessary or desirable to enhance gameplay. Also like i already mentioned Valve asks for more than just the rights to redist the files. While you can redist Exile files via HTTP/FTP Server etc, you can't upload it to steam workshop. Basically you cant repackage something on Steam Workshop, without sufficient rights from the license (if the content has one) or permission form the author(s).