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  1. :]v[: Assassin

    A Word Against Grinding/Safe Hacking

    Sent you a PM.
  2. :]v[: Assassin

    A Word Against Grinding/Safe Hacking

    Actually that's not true. There is a way to use a Thermal Scanner regardless of whether anyone has used that lock in 15 minutes, 15 hours, or even 15 days. We figured out how to do it, and used it quite effectively to gain codes even when the owners haven't been online for days. I won't post how publicly (lest people start doing it against my locks), but if any Exile Dev wants to know how, send me a message and I'll be happy to explain how it's done. This works with default thermal scanner settings.
  3. :]v[: Assassin

    [SOLVED] Campfires

    ^ What he said. Before Typhoon reverted back to 069 Infistar the first time any player lit a campfire after the update = death. For some players it didn't stop there, and just getting near any lit campfire would kill them (repeatedly). Once reverted back to the earlier version of Infistar, the problem seems to have resolved.
  4. :]v[: Assassin

    1.66 BUGS/PROBLEMS HOTFIX Released!

    I would roll back until an update is available. It may involve a hotfix from BIS followed by an update of Exile (and who knows how many other mods).
  5. :]v[: Assassin

    1.66 BUGS/PROBLEMS HOTFIX Released!

    They have now seen the problem happen - they now need to figure out why then come up with a fix. Unfortuantely it is now late Friday Afternoon there. Let's hope they decide to work afterhours. (GolovaRaou - you're faster typer than I lol)
  6. :]v[: Assassin

    1.66 BUGS/PROBLEMS HOTFIX Released!

    depends on your server provider, many provide an option in the control panel to pick what version you want to run, or you need to open a support ticket.
  7. :]v[: Assassin

    1.66 BUGS/PROBLEMS HOTFIX Released!

    Yes, enter Arma3legacy164 into the beta code
  8. :]v[: Assassin

    1.66 BUGS/PROBLEMS HOTFIX Released!

    Think we need an official #fixmeEichi thread, six pages to sort thru to find 'real issues' from the jokes (although I very much support #fixmeEichi jokes...).
  9. :]v[: Assassin

    1.66 BUGS/PROBLEMS HOTFIX Released!

    I understand the frustration, and we appreciate it greatly!!
  10. :]v[: Assassin

    Goodbye, Arma!

    Sorry to see you go, but completely understand. You've made an awesome contribution and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.
  11. :]v[: Assassin

    Esseker Vehicles Glitch

    When we get this it affects everyone on the server at the same time, and flipping vehicle or restarting the server doesn't always work. We've had several vehicle permanently stuck in the ground as a result.
  12. :]v[: Assassin

    Is there a limit on crafting recipes

    We'll keep looking, but for some reason after the last batch we added, we can' add a single recipe (even if we (as a test) just add a repeat with one changed item). Doing that breaks all recipes on the server. Thanks, we'll keep looking.
  13. :]v[: Assassin

    Is there a limit on crafting recipes

    Is there a limit on how many crafting recipes there can be? We have the basic Exile crafting, then the recipes for Extended Basemod, and added recipes of our own. That's when we ran into an issue. Is there a hard limit on the number of recipes that can exist?
  14. :]v[: Assassin

    I need a flashlight I can't see a thing

    A flashlight should be added. Your server doesn't have to use it if you don't want it, but I can't count how many people I've seen connect into our servers then immediately leave as soon as they realized it is dark and they can't see. Starting someone with a weapon and tac-light isn't an option that many servers want. Adjusting your video settings is cheating (and if you advocate doing it, why even have darkness on servers).
  15. :]v[: Assassin

    I need a flashlight I can't see a thing

    I think you are all missing his point. if he joins a server as a new player, fresh spawn, he has no way of seeing in the dark unless he cheats (ups gamma). Buying something at a trader only works if you 1. have money, 2. have enough respect for that item and 3. can see to get to the trader.