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  1. accepted wait in ts lobby.
  2. First and foremost they have staff that care and are passionate about making the server a community as well. It needs performance work in terms of frames and dsync but that is being worked on. I've played on a lot of Exile servers and I can only recall a few I genuinely liked and played on for more then a day. It has a lot of originality to it, and it does feel more like DayZ Mod more so then any Exile server I've ever played. Loot and traders are more balanced then 9/10 Exile servers as well. It's not militarized but you can get Ghosthawks, Blackhawks, as well as a Pawnee without rockets on it(it's very expensive but worth if it that's your thing.) Gun prices match their utility as well as the vehicles. If there is one thing that concerns me about the server it's that medium to large sized groups are not taken kindly too. In terms of compensation and assistance we are treated equal to everyone else, but we have been asked to calm down on being aggressive towards other players. I always felt that the way you learn this game is by getting killed in every way possible. You learn through trial and error. I started as a noob and my self and one other friend got dumped on everyday by the same crew of 9 people in DayZ Epoch, so we made our own Clan and started dominating them. I felt like any one is capable of doing this so there should be no reason to complain, because you can easily have those same numbers.
  3. I noticed it a long time ago but I thought I'd report it. Do you know if the Devs intend to fix it?
  4. Even if the window is raised or the floor port is open, you can't throw grenades through them or 3d mark things through them.
  5. Accepted. wait in ts.
  6. Accepted wait in the ts lobby till someone gives you tags.
  7. Does this require a script or is it in exile?
  8. Accepted.
  9. Apply if you want quite a few of us come from Arma 2 as well.
  10. https://www.twitch.tv/stevieballbags
  11. Apply if you want.
  12. Well its on the thread either way.
  13. Did they really get to hack any safes? It's a joke by the way this wasn't really a raid we didn't steal anything more then their gear it was just trolling more or less.
  14. I apologize for the horrible video quality this was from my stream and I'm still working out my OBS settings.
  15. Sorry for this late reply, do you still have the ts?