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  1. Hello all I am trying to setup my database to delete vehicles after 14 days, however it does not seem to be working. here is what I have for my query. CREATE DEFINER=`exile`@`localhost` EVENT `Delete vanished vehicles` ON SCHEDULE EVERY 1 DAY STARTS '2017-12-29 14:25:02' ON COMPLETION NOT PRESERVE ENABLE COMMENT 'Delete vehicles from inactive users' DO DELETE FROM `vehicle` WHERE `account_uid` IN (SELECT `uid` FROM `account` WHERE `last_connect_at` < NOW() - INTERVAL 14 DAY) Here is the error I get when I click on Explain before running the query... EXPLAIN CREATE DEFINER=`exile`@`localhost` EVENT `Delete vanished vehicles` ON SCHEDULE EVERY 1 DAY STARTS '2017-12-29 14:25:02' ON COMPLETION NOT PRESERVE ENABLE COMMENT 'Delete vehicles from inactive users' DO DELETE FROM `vehicle` WHERE `account_uid` IN (SELECT `uid` FROM `account` WHERE `last_connect_at` < NOW() - INTERVAL 14 DAY) > 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'CREATE DEFINER=`exile`@`localhost` EVENT `Delete vanished vehicles` ON SCHEDULE' at line 1 > Time: 0s I am sure there is an issue however I am not sure what to fix. could someone assist me? Thank you. Hammer
  2. It Looks Like I solved the issue, apparently there was an update to Redux after updating my test server and my client all loot started to spawn just fine, had a user try the test server to make sure loot was working for other people and they were able to find loot everywhere now. I guess it pays to investigate on your own. Hammer
  3. Ok, so far I have tried everything suggested on this subject and I am still haveing no luck with Loot spawning, As I stated earlier I was able to see loot just fine but my players were not ablse to see any loot, then I updated "chernarus redux" "Ds Houses" and "Cup Core" on my client, Now I am not able to see any loot at all. Has no one else had this issue? I am running out of ideas and fixes, my only choice I can see so far is to Dump Redux. Please help. Hammer
  4. Ok, after further testing it looks like something in one of my mods "cup Terains" "Cherneraus Redux" "Ds Houses" is the culprit, I deleted these three from my computer and re downloaded them and Now I dont see any loot, did something change in these 3 recently? I am more than willing to work with someone on this issue to find out why we can not see any loot. Hammer
  5. To dadirusso, Yes RHS has been added to my Lootables, as I have stated, I can see the loot just fine, however my players can not see any loot. I am not sure why I would be able to see the loot and they can not, I have disabled my Admin tools "infistar" and this has made no difference. Hammer
  6. Well after testing some more, I have found the issue lies with the "ExileClient_system_lootManager_thread_spawn" file. I have used my original and I am able to see loot and my players can not, I then used the one supplied in this thread and get the same thing. if I use one that came from a server that has working loot which only has one line in this file which says "true" I get no loot for myself and my players. so at this point it looks like the issue is with the "ExileClient_system_lootManager_thread_spawn" file. can anyone help with this? Thanks. Hammer
  7. HI all, I have updated my Overrides with the info above and the newest file and I still get the same issue, I can see all loot spawning and My players tell me they can see loot at any of my map edits but all the regular buildings do not spawn any loot, whereas I can see loot at any buildings just fine. I would appreciate any help on this issue. here is a list of my mods. Cup terrains Maps 1.3.0 Arma enhanced Movement Cup core Ds Houses Extended base mod Exile Cernarusredux Nato SF and spetsnaz weapons RHSAFRF RHSUSAF
  8. Hi all, I am having a strange issue when it come to the Loot spawning, I am able to see loot spawning all over the place but none of my players can see any loot at all unless I walk up to them, at which point the loot spawns for them. I do not have any admin tools loaded. why would the loot spawn for me and no one else? any ideas? Thanks. hammer
  9. hello all, Is there a way to change the radius for the zombies to die near a flag? if so where doi I find that? Thanks
  10. I believe that is the version I am using Kuplion, is there a way to change the radius for the flags that the zombies die?
  11. Hello All, Is there a way to change the radius for zombies to spawn at a flag? in other words I want to know what the distance to a flag the zombies will die for bases. Thank you Hammer
  12. Hello Community, I have been having an issue with my safes and crates not working, it appears they are also disappearing since the arma update. has anyone had this issue and if so what did you do to fix this? or is this another bug we need to wait until the exile update comes out to fix? Thanks. hammer
  13. Freaky, is this a whole Exile install? or is just the files I need to fix my Extended base mod?
  14. Is anyone having a problem with certain objects not staying after a server restart? Like Safes and Bunkers? objects that you can store inventory in. I am having this problem on my development server after upgrading to arma 1.68 I am in the process of testing all my scrips and mods before I upgrade my production server. If you have had the same issue have you fixed the problem or is there no fix currently? Thanks.
  15. Hello Guys, I could use some help. I am having a hard time getting the virtual garage working. I have followed the Instructions for Core, XM8 and Virtual garage several times now from start to finish, I have also viewed the Video several times and I have installed all of this correctly, I even added the (exadserver_fnc_clientrequest) to my cfgremotexec for infistar and I still can not get virtual garage to work. I added the info to my exile.ini in my sql folder under the exileserver folder. I added the query to my database and it ran correctly. I have done everything from scratch now at a minimum of 3 times and all I ever get is the option to store a vehicle but it never stores, the only error I see in my RPT is the following error..... "ExAdServer Debugger: Error in clientRequest - 'Forbidden message name! Payload: [""VGStore"",[""2:3806"",""2:97"",""2:5055""]]'" Any ideas why I can not store a vehicle? I would really like to get this working. Thanks. Hammer