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  1. Shift + P(Arma 3 DLC Purchase Menu) Kicks player.
  2. Austin

    Tanoa Screenshots - Add yours

    Illuminati Confirmed
  3. Austin

    Tanoa Discussion

    its just a troll comment
  4. Austin

    APEX Tanoa map??

    Or maybe just 3 hours
  5. Austin

    APEX Tanoa map??

  6. Austin

    Napf Island A3

    Fixed, they will be in the next update after I finish some more things.
  7. Austin

    Napf Island A3

    will try to get this done before next update, wrote it down forsure though.
  8. Austin

    Napf Island A3

    only thing I changed was the school house and road blocks so I have no clue besides those two objects. NOTE: I uploaded a fix last night for AIA that Fixed Black Skys and also Fixed Stars/moon on both cup/aia.
  9. Austin

    Napf Island A3

    Doesn't work on AIA but Cup Core works fine, trying to figure it out atm.
  10. Austin

    Napf Island A3

    Update is out please test and send me results
  11. Austin

    Napf Island A3

    They don't support napf so I don't believe it will do anything. Update for Napf is close to done.
  12. Austin

    Napf Island A3

    Was going to upload tonight but its taking a while to merge the updated version to winter so I am going to head off to bed and upload sometime later today. Will look into the issue blaez.
  13. Austin

    Napf Island A3

    If you are a server owner and want regular updates on what is happening with the map discord is where I post anything related to the updates pending on napf! to join.
  14. Austin

    Napf Island A3

    Yes, working on it now, but no eta. P.S. Already have the lighting fixed but I have to finish some progress I had on other things before I release.