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  1. sorry I haven't used that in years but the trick is look through the FNC - function files, you should spot messages being formed and produced so that's where you can look at changing what type off message is produced. Trouble is that A3XAI hasn't been updated/supported in ages so it could be painfuly out of date in which case you would be looking for old Arma3 toast functions. Post whatever you find and I will try to help out as I can - I still feel like a noob with the code even after the years trying to code it
  2. I now actually call my loot tables from separate files in the server settings PBO, I only use 2 RHS and basic Arma/Exile stuff but if people want it they are welcome to it for Napf as I went through and grabbed all the CUP building types so I could have more smaller drops in more buildings
  3. sounds like you need to make sure that all mission files only contain lower case, I think there may be some DMS functions with a mix, so make sure if you call Mission_x that Mission_x isn't Mission_X etc
  4. which AI mod? You can almost always adjust where the text appears -
  5. you may be able to use a delimiter for extra ascii characters - e.g. \. no tested it though so best to avoid
  6. As DMS picks the position itself you have to make things relative to that. DMS sets the centre of the mission to "_pos" -> [X,Y,Z] you then can play with the relative position from that but first you have to separate out the XYZ components with [(_pos select 0), (_pos select 1), (_pos select 2)] but you don't really need the Z often (unless positioning air support above the mission) *note* remember Arma starts counting from 0 so the 1st item in a string is always 0 +/- 10 = 10 meter shift in a direction (_pos select 0)+10 = X+10 in position (i.e. 10m East)
  7. if you are using this statement make sure you vehicle chance is set to 100 or things could go wonky, best to remove if (_VehicleChance >= (random 100)) then { }; completely, just leave the _vehicle and _msgWIN lines on their own
  8. 1. make sure your static missions are listed as possible missions in the DMS PBO as you cant call a mission that's not listed In my custom functions I have: class custom45 { type = 0; // just execute name = "Static_Napf_Castle_Mission"; code = "call fn_spawn_Napf_Castle_Mission"; }; so the name for InfiSTAR menu has to be identical to "name" "Static_Napf_Castle_Mission", If the name in the menu doesn't exactly match InfiSTAR leaves out the item so if the item isn't in your menu this is the issue. then code must exactly match the custom file you loaded into your mission PBO - fn_spawn_Napf_Castle_Mission = { _stringcode = "[""Napf_Castle_Mission""] call DMS_fnc_SpawnStaticMission;"; [_stringcode] call admin_d0_server; }; I would realistically look for a missing comma on the menu side of InfiSTAR and look for [] or ; punctuation and brackets usually mean things listed before the mistake work and things after don't also check that the mission name is correct in the fnc call as again it should be an exact match (I match the case of the letters too just in case) and check you RPT for errors too as I found some of the typos do appear in there although some things don't I cant really tell too much from your posting as I really need to compare all 3 files complete but I hope some of this helps
  9. yes, originally 2 of the RHS mods (USAF and AFRF) were always used together so I separated them out into vehicles and weapons, I always intended to go back and do it per mod but never got round to it
  10. Main thing is..... find an error then tell me the problem and I fix it. It’s not like this is a small thing, just exile + arma + 2 rhs mods = 27,000 items. Imagine how many overall. no one has reported issues with base exile and arma objects and some legit objects n RHS don’t function as expected but I can only fix what I know about so let me know issues and please stop bitching after 2+ years I am kind of sick of this script so pulling it would actually make me happier
  11. I really wasn't trying to be nasty as I have answered all sorts of queries and fixed anything people told me was incorrect. I don't use NIarms and people donated a lot of the mods to add into the files, it does state on the first page that I really don't use 10% of things listed and errors are there unless people report specific issues I cant fix what I don't use, I publish this for free and have spent 1000 hours plus supporting and writing so I do feel a little aggrieved when someone just complains with no details on errors and obviously hasn't read the documentation and people have been using the mod for several years. I think seeing "many duplicates" is probably a little over the top especially if you look at a percentage value, many of the mods do have some unusual classes, there are several RHS classes which look like they work then something is a little odd in game and this is a script collection to start the process and you whittle down the lists to what you actually want to use and does involve some actual work. the problem I had with @hectorPlusPlus is he's almost posted nothing, started in caps with OMG then tried to tear apart a script which he's decided to use and not read the instructions or some of the comments wouldn't be there and then gone on to use some stupid language going OTT with his issues then telling me to do some updates, this is 2 1/2 years after I posted the script and have been doing it for all that time. If you want to report a bug then report a bug, don't be a dick about it is all I ever asked but this dickhead just jumped in with both feet being rude and talking to me like I was a child producing his first script. I took offense as I felt that is what he was trying to cause. I write and support all my scripts and missions for free with vast quantities of time sunk into them, I make mistakes of course but at least report them in a useful way or as ever, don't use my stuff or expect support if you're going to be an idiot as I don't see why I should have to put up with it
  12. cool then I can remove mine from general release and you wont be using any of my scripts at all then. dick
  13. you can spawn as many bandit missions as you like through the admin/debug console https://github.com/redned70/CodeAddons/blob/master/Building Missions/Missions/command line spawn mission.txt I also scripted it for infistar menus: https://github.com/redned70/CodeAddons/tree/master/Infistar Code
  14. _pos is the randomly generated centre point of the mission [X,Y,Z]; you can then select each coordinate this is what it should look like [(_pos select 0) - 10,(_pos select 1)+ 10,(_pos select 2)]; select 0 = X coord (East>West) then subtract 10m in this case select 1 = Y coord (North>South) then add 10m in this case select 2 = Z coord (height) so you should be able to see how to move relative positions pretty easily in any direction
  15. its all in the (_pos0 + 10), (_pos1 + 10), _pos2 basically its all taken from the centre point and you can just add more on