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  1. red_ned

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    dump RPT on pastebin or something so we can see
  2. red_ned

    Australia Map Developer here

    cheers, still looking through potential maps, must be large for building and missions to spawn, preferably with some interesting terrain and would prefer map to be properly optimised and supported by the developer. Still thinking so any suggestions ..... just a bit bored with Napf - shame I spent 3 months coding specifically for it but most code can be reused and recycled so hey ho
  3. red_ned

    Australia Map Developer here

    I was maybe looking at this for my next map as it gives lots of room for missions and with PVE lots of building space too, anyone got opinions on this map who played or used it on their own server before I rush in?
  4. red_ned

    A lot of Log messages

    Server: Object 2:5557 not found (message Type_91) kind of stuff is when AI is handed off to clients to process (DMS and Occupation do this) and its always been in the game and everyone asks and Bohemia wont fix as they don't think its broken
  5. red_ned

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    you have much bigger problems than traders, I think one of your scripts is broken as this is just a buy/sell script and could never affect you in this way even at its worst
  6. red_ned

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    looks like you have the crate sell mod, you need to check that out on its thread
  7. red_ned

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    I add everything into main files that I find in the mod and people can opt-out (best way is just comment them out in the trader list file rather than the price list so everything has value but you cant just buy everything - that way InfiSTAR shows prices next to everything in menu so any blanks are things missing). if the value of an item has no sale price after then it just uses the main config for a %value of the purchase price from trader as its selling price. You do need to adjust a few to fit as I didn't write loads of the price files, they were donated by other people.
  8. red_ned

    4 Types of Side Events

    this 4pack compliments, you can expand them a little more through ->
  9. red_ned

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    its the very latest I am working with atm rhsafrf.0.4.7 rhsusaf.0.4.7 Release Date: 2018-08-20 added 1st dumps for RHSFRF, not completed my script updates yet as I think it is time to separate out the RHSWeapons and RHSVehicles into the mods rather than how I did them originally with 2 mods in 1
  10. red_ned

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    I have started RHSV and RHSW updates and made a fix for the staticMG class which was duplicated I have pushed work so far but may want to wait till I finish
  11. red_ned

    4 Types of Side Events

    think you missed a bracket: _mapMarkerName = [format ["ExileSupplyBox%1", diag_tickTime];
  12. red_ned

    Patrol AI

    as far as I am aware you are correct, its an engine not a script so you need scripts to actually generate AI (like DMS or Occupation)
  13. red_ned

    Napf Island A3

    mine also works fine and has done for a year
  14. dead bodies get cleaned when people go away and server cleans up
  15. it is always just after the lines: call DMS_fnc_SpawnNonPersistentVehicle or DMS_fnc_SpawnPersistentVehicle but you have to make sure on ones which have an "else" to put directly after the 2nd options closing brackets as per the above post