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  1. no, all DMS bandit missions should work without issue on any map as long as you have the correct DMS settings in the main config and I didn't use anything that wasn't default ARMA or EXILE so theres no mods used in there
  2. red_ned

    Help me pls I can't join server

    post RPT in a paste bin url and also check the DB error files and post
  3. red_ned

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    @Anhor and @ausHaus yes you are correct there is a general fault on static mission timeout, I did see there was a fix for it somewhere around but I haven't got round to trying it out yet (although pushed onto one of my servers for testing), I have files but cant remember who or where it was posted
  4. red_ned

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    I always meant to correct this but its such a pain in the bum to get time to do, someone donated one or more of the RHS folders, plus I may have pushed one folder by mistake while trying to recover after losing 3 years of work but yes rhs original 2 mods were split into weapons and vehicles rather than the 2 mods separately. I will try to do it at some point unless someone already has the files I can merge into it
  5. red_ned

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    I added to trader files to replace out dated ones with your credit too. good work, shame I just don't have time to chase every mod and script these days..
  6. go into a3_dms\scripts and look at the ImportFrom files: in a few of them find _obj enableSimulationGlobal false; and change it to _obj enableSimulationGlobal true; if the building really has working doors and you can go inside that should fix it for you
  7. be careful with commas in your config, last line should never have a comma in the string. DMS_StaticMissionTypes = [ ["comms_alpha",1], ["hotel_invasion",1], ["georgetown",1] ]; the missions aren't your issue, your config is and its probably the commas
  8. red_ned

    DMS Mission addon Contents page

    TBH its pretty much the same as static just any mapping needs to be done with relative positioning, most of my missions should be annotated enough to follow. Just not making anything new atm as I lost my enthusiasm after losing 2 years of mapping and scripts, but here to help if you need
  9. red_ned

    Trader code 12 CUP mods error codes.txt try that also he wanted the RPT in a pastebin link rather than a huge scroll don't just paste without at least a spoiler when things are that big
  10. red_ned

    please help custom client.pbo sign does not pass

    As far as I am aware you can only use this method for files inside exile_client.pbo in the folder "code" Anything else would mean publishing a new mod in full
  11. red_ned

    please help custom client.pbo sign does not pass

    add your client re-writes into your mission PBO then call them in your main mission config : class CfgExileCustomCode { // Defib Revive ExileClient_object_player_death_startBleedingOut = "custom\EnigmaRevive\ExileClient_object_player_death_startBleedingOut.sqf"; ExileClient_object_player_event_onInventoryOpened = "custom\EnigmaRevive\ExileClient_object_player_event_onInventoryOpened.sqf"; }; so in my mission PBO folder custom/EnigmaRevive there is an over write for the file ExileClient_object_player_event_onInventoryOpened.sqf which exists in the client PBO, this should solve the issues of trying to make your own exile client as this would require all sorts of tricky stuff as you would need to create a completely separate mod which isn't downloadable on connect.
  12. red_ned

    Could i get a look at this plz.

    you haven't closed the function/class call class CfgExileArsenal { //anything you want here }; you missed }; on the end
  13. thanks, well I will be starting some new stuff although really annoyed as I had made real progress getting a paratrooper mission system going inside DMS plus was half way through a DMS convoy. Not to mention all the original mapping for my Napf server! Luckily I do have GitHub. was probably time to start afresh
  14. Yup about 2 years of code and mapping gone!
  15. unfortunately while rebuilding my computer I lost all the dev work I had been doing on new missions then my backups went and overwrote my safe copies as I forgot to tick incremental on the damn backup software so I lost pretty much everything I hadn't uploaded to GitHub.