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  1. it definitely isn't one I have seen before and isn't one of the main DMS missions, it also doesn't look like the ZCP capture point mission but it does have zombies so is it maybe one of those?
  2. looks like: line 132 - reads 132. class Entities 133. { 134. class Item0 should read class Entities { items=17; class Item0 you just missed out the item count line as far as I can see
  3. trouble still isn't really being able to script specific convoys but do it inside Exile with something like DMS managing it and also not using specific waypoints. The biggest issue I have seen is that even just my traveling trader ends up on the top of a mountain and doesn't stick to roads I am still looking at finishing something but not sure when/if it would be even ready to test let alone stay on roads
  4. there is only 2 packs - mine is generic exile stuff and I think the other may include some mod items#
  5. yvw
  6. 1. change to making sure comma is between each "" but not after last 2. in each of the difficulty sections ( case "easy": etc) after insert into each of the difficulty sections add whatever items to each class you want - it will randomly select from the items listed up to whatever number is in the lines before 3. replace with that allows you to select "X" amount of "Y" for each of the 3 classes of items
  7. check your inffiSTAR logs as usually it will give a reference number for screen to be whitelisted or you can always try whitelisting SC_occupyTransport
  8. no problem, I have attempted most things since I started tinkering with DMS: V4.0 of my bandit missions out today - need feedback and longer term testing (too many variations to be able to test everything on my own)
  9. Updated June 2018 > V4.0 - Release Now with rocket and mine chance Mines clear on mission win Big tidy on code to make it more easy to edit Missions should automatically over ride DMS configuration file settings https://github.com/redned70/DMSBanditMissions
  10. large update coming soon, finished 18, 19 to go
  11. think I did something like that for someone: https://github.com/redned70/DMSBanditMissions/blob/master/BETA and Code Dump/new Bandit testing/missions/bandit/nedhunter_mission.sqf try that, I never tested it but the logic is sound enough
  12. cheers, was doing all my custom mapping with ExecVm so will change over. Always nice to learn something new!
  13. @Monkeynutz thanks for this, I don't use the map but hadn't tried compiling my markers in the custom PBO server side, could help a fair bit but I wanted to ask if you could tell me why in your init you used: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers not the usual [] execVM just wanted to find out if there was any difference to the way AI sometimes walks through even server side buildings. cheers
  14. load mods along with the eden editor, load you mission into eden. You need to play the mission so make sure you have a player character. Once in the mission then hit escape for the debug console, then execute the script I pasted. you can then hit escape again to go back in, scroll your mouse wheel to see editor option and hit space. Now you should be in the 2nd editor with all your mapping so you can then use the export to sqf function, the coordinates in that file should work for the DMS AI positioning if they are in the correct spot when you look.
  15. I always load in both @m3editor and @m3e_3den for DMS, the m3e_3den does the export for objects well but not for Ai positioning inside the mission. Load your editor and mapping. Play the mission as a character (you may need to drop in a soldier). When you go into mission press escape In the console type the following and execute: { _dir = getdir _x; _object setVariable ['M3E_dir', _dir, true]; _object setVariable ['M3E_pitch', 0, true]; _object setVariable ['M3E_bank', 0, true]; _object setVariable ['M3E_followterrain', false, true]; _object setVariable ['M3E_position', position _x, true]; M3E_insertedObjects pushBack _x; } forEach allMissionObjects "All"; call M3E_fnc_loadSpawnedList; then go back into the mission and scroll mouse-wheel to get editor options hit the options button (or whatever it is called) and hit export SQF, save this file and use it for co-ords for AI/Static guns (you only need (X,Y,Z) ) *hint* I used editor in 32 bit mode for a less buggy experience and also that some required mods (especially loot positioning) will only work in 32 bit mode. *hint* Run editor in full-screen windowed mode or sometimes the save to sqf function fails. I put a code help section in here: https://github.com/redned70 along with all my missions and scripts