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  1. KamikazeXeX

    HELP with spawn

    Chris' (@infiSTAR) suggestion is the most acurate one I have ever seen, that's exactly the same steps I followed now I am a pro zombie shooter, 1 bullet to the head and they drop dead just like Fred!
  2. KamikazeXeX

    Anti theft in trade zones

    The reason the scripts were removed were due to reasons outside of "he can't" or "won't" fix it, they were removed because he had gotten fed up with the "I demand you fix this now" attitude from the portion of community that didn't follow the installation steps and then complained it didn't work, everyone was free to continue using it but he stopped offering community support and distributing it via ExileMod simply because many people just don't read the instructions properly and then claim the mod was broken or demanded he do x y or z with it without even saying thankyou for it in the first place, half the community are very selfish in that sense.... EDIT: You can now ask him yourself and he will tell you
  3. KamikazeXeX

    server performance 1.68

    Just a heads up, your mARMA is outdated (there is new metrics being monitored), you will need to manually reinstall the @marma server side addon from the website.
  4. KamikazeXeX

    Why no American Flag?

    Tobias mentioned it in the public Exile skype chat, I brought that same comment up as I though he was saying it with a negative intent, that was not the case, CCG have always been rule abiding, the times they were shamed as "pay to win" was when there were no rules and pretty much every other server ran monetized packages such as a "all inclusive 3 story concrete base kit" or "eat your heart out with a lapua and 12 mags with your deagle on respawn", those examples were "pay to win" that were on every server, CCG had "You can spawn with a pistol and a custom outfit" and that was "about" it, I don't understand where all this CCG are money making shitbags came from? Because they have only ever been 1 thing, a popular server that has a lot of unnecessary hate because they pioneered the custom server feature scene.
  5. KamikazeXeX

    [Done] ExtDb3 Compatibility with Exile

    Also having this issue too, thanks for the confirmation, will be reverting to x86 I guess.
  6. KamikazeXeX

    Eject dead bodies from dead vehicles

    We had some very funny and equally annoying situations occur from the teleporting to the ground, man players ended up with bodies inside bases, rocks, in-accessible buildings etc, just a heads up since the falling would be default behaviour in the even that the eject and get out actions worked on dead units, (its the player being dead that's the issue wit the command not working). The BattelEye changes are only needed for my version though will edit my reply later with the change in case anyone wants the "falling" behaviour. The problem of bodies being stuck in vehicles did get very frustrating for a while, admins having to log in just to get bodies out of cars etc was a pain Either way good post! I haven't been in my code for so long I neglected to post the fix sooner
  7. KamikazeXeX

    Eject dead bodies from dead vehicles

    I actually did this myself also, the problem that you haven't accounted for is the fact that when setting the position of the player you should be using their old Z as this will effectively teleport them into the ground here's my current version which accounts for this but it also accounts for the side of the vehicle the were on also so you don't get bodies piling up on one another with hard-coded position or randomized however that is only really relevant for ground vehcles. https://puu.sh/uAF8c/76899b836e.txt NOTE: This does require a alteration to the death marker battleye filter in scripts.txt, there was some strange behaviour when trying to get the position of player for the marker resulting in it not being created atall.
  8. KamikazeXeX

    Change your passwords

    If it uses CF its safe to consider its affected.... It was a problem with CF, not the site itself.
  9. KamikazeXeX

    Change your passwords

    Just a note, you are "probably" safe if using steam authentication anyway, since no passwords are actually passed over
  10. KamikazeXeX


    Thats largely because trusty ol' PBOManager doesn't lint-check or do any error checking on anything, Mikero is the only tool to properly sytnax check before packing, even AddonBuilder (breaker) doesn't check, I'll fire a PM over to @happydayz with details on where the errors are
  11. KamikazeXeX


    You and your stealing quotes from Mikero
  12. KamikazeXeX


    Lets not bring this up again since I distinctly remember you were involved with what when down against stokes and SM_Zombz, but in regards to your question @HAM I and stokes are more than happy to help you with any questions you may have with Mikero's tools since we are in close contact with Mikero etc, many of the features and reworks are because of ourselves and our findings with obfuscation of mission files (particularly Exile mission files), Mikero's tools are correct, and there is a syntax error, ArmA will, yes, happily read it but there is a syntax error and it should be fixed to prevent any "possible" issues that may occur.
  13. KamikazeXeX


    ArmA have always happily allowed errors in configs, true/false do not exist in a config environment for example, ArmA just ignores it and the functionality is unchanged or doesn't work as intended in some cases however there could well be something going on in engine to work out how to interpret it, ultimately using the correct syntax will be all that little bit less work for ArmA to do as the format is provided as expected and there is no need to "interpret" it, as for obfuscation, its there to deter/make it harder, not completely prevent "ripping", but then the act of de-obfuscating it is a "dick move" since its obfuscated by the authors intention, don't go rooting where the author does not want you.
  14. KamikazeXeX

    Exile continues!

    @Grim can never be replaced, nor replicated, he is the one and only!
  15. KamikazeXeX

    Exile PHP Admin Tools/Portal

    I'm gonna have to agree with @kuplion here, your question was answered and you basically told US it wasn't compatible with any map, there's your answer, since you CLEARLY have it all figured out