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  1. Redpanther

    Starter Pop Tabs?

    so if I understand correctly. in mysql I see "money" on this forum. if i look in my own mysql i see "locker" so i must put the 20k in the "locker" right?? !!
  2. it aint much it it aint Dutch xD

  3. hello @Eichi can you send me all the animations for traders pls thnx

  4. Redpanther

    [SOLVED] Dedicated Same Machine

    Nah i have tried the TADS with KP Liberation. did not like it. check this link and you will never use TADS anymore: but i still use a batch file. Good friend of my has create the batch files for me.
  5. Redpanther

    [SOLVED] Dedicated Same Machine

    I am not the best to give you a right answer. but dont use TADS, change that for a .bat file. also check your windows firewall ( or router ) and try the arma3server.exe if that will work? I think this will help... There are other ppl here knows more about arma 3 then me. hope you can fix it
  6. Redpanther

    We are looking for people

    i have change the name in topic @SpadaTV
  7. Redpanther

    Seems legit...

    russian roulette 2.0 "never look behind ..."
  8. Redpanther

    Car/Chopper Bug after the Restart

    sleep well haha
  9. Redpanther

    dusss dat...

    dat dus
  10. Redpanther

    Hallo, hoe gaat het met jullie!

    2 jaar later ..... en is het gelukt
  11. Redpanther

    Wat een stilte

    Meer NL's dat je denkt
  12. Redpanther

    We are looking for people

    English: We are looking for people to come and join our Exile server. If you bring a friend youll get a bonus 25000k plus 1 free flag. The bonus is for NEW players only! if you are interested of joining aks the discord link and you get a pm from me. Dutch: Wij zijn op zoek naar mensen die willen joinen op onze Exile server. Als je een vriend meeneemt, krijg je een bonus van 25000k plus 1 gratis vlag. De bonus is alleen voor NIEUWE spelers! Als je geinteresseerd bent om ook lid te worden op onze discord, laat het mij weten en ik stuur je een pm met de link er in. * This server is hosted in The Netherlands
  13. Redpanther

    Controls stopped working completely!

    a admin did not like him en click on Freeze from infiSTAR
  14. Redpanther

    Want to host a mirror Ping @Eichi in a topic!

    @Eichi Want to host a mirror? Ping @Eichi on Discord! try to ping Eichi. but no answer i got a dutch download mirror from the netherlands
  15. I have installed the mod. cant see the icon in the xm8? is this because of my infiSTAR allready have the ID 5 in use ? I did on ID's 85150,85160 it still not works