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  1. Still haven't settled on one place yet completed. Still waiting on talking to a few people. If anyone else is still interested, definitely looking for a good team.
  2. Sure, just shoot me a PM and we'll talk. PM some details about the server and your experience and we'll setup some time to talk? I"ll probably be interviewing a lot of people this weekend. I think you PMed me, so I'll get back to you. We'll chat this weekend probably. Sorry about the delayed response. Been quite busy this week with work. Yep. Then again, unless you're in the world of lots of servers, you're probably not using the terms like Config Management, Continuos Deployment, and Docker on a regular basis. Now that I think about it, it's probably like gibberish to most people.
  3. Looking to join a server group.
  4. Considering getting back into the Exile server game, and looking for a solid group or community to work with. Made the mistake of launching a server last time without properly having a good group of in game staff to support it from the inside -- something I can't do alone, since I have a busy schedule with work. What I bring to the table: * I'm an experienced sysadmin / devops guy, or whatever they're calling it these days. (mostly on Unix based systems, such as Linux). * I'm familiar with different tools to deploy servers. Either via container (Docker / Associated management tools for it), or configuration management (mostly Ansible and Puppet, but some Chef). * I'm mature and responsible. In simpler terms: * Setup databases in such a way that you don't lose your data. * Setup automated running jobs on servers (restarts, backups, potential messages to players). * Keep your server code in a place you quickly undo your changes (IE, git. lol @ SVN). * Automate server updates. What I'm looking for in a group to join as a staff member: * Mature and friendly. (IE, low drama, please.) * Established group, looking for someone to help them run a self hosted server on a provider. Might not find what I'm looking for, but definitely want to see what's out there this time.
  5. Lucius

    mARMA - Server Monitoring, Live Map, RE...

    Having the same issue. Tried to give it a shot, but something seems to be broken with subscribing.
  6. Lucius

    'Throwable' HUD item seems bugged

    Having the exact same issue on my end.
  7. Lucius

    Access Violation (Server stops)

    After removing Ryanzombies, the crashes no longer happen. I'd like to find time to track down what exactly with Ryanzombies is causing the crashes, but for now I've just left it removed till I have time to test when pop count is low.
  8. Lucius

    Replace all Thermal Scanners in your Database!

    This might be a stupid question, but how exactly are the thermal scanners broken in-game?
  9. Lucius

    How to Update Mysql

    Alternatively, you can use any version of MariaDB 10.0 or greater
  10. Lucius

    MySQL problem!

    There could be a few reasons why you couldn't connect to the database. But since it isn't throwing responses telling you it doesn't have permissions, then I'm thinking the database server for ViLayer may be down? Has anyone tried running the following from a command prompt? telnet <IP or address of database server for ViLayer> 3306 What response do you get?
  11. Lucius

    MySQL problem!

    Could you please post the full error messages you're seeing?
  12. Lucius

    Royally F$%+ed things up...

    That's your problem. Try going to through the following steps to confirm your setup is correct: See if you actually have a database setup for exile Do this by going on your MySQL / MariaDB server, and do the following: MariaDB [mysql]> SHOW DATABASES; +--------------------+ | Database | +--------------------+ | exiledb | | information_schema | | mysql | | performance_schema | +--------------------+ 4 rows in set (0.00 sec) Next, you'll want to find out what users you have on the system, and look for the same username you specify in your MySQL connection configuration: MariaDB [mysql]> SELECT user, host FROM mysql.user; +------------------+-----------------+ | user | host | +------------------+-----------------+ | root | | | exileuser | | | root | ::1 | | root | serverhostname | | admin | localhost | | debian-sys-maint | localhost | | root | localhost | +------------------+-----------------+ 7 rows in set (0.01 sec) Next you want to verify you actually have grants to that database that houses your Exile data: MariaDB [mysql]> SHOW GRANTS FOR 'exileuser'@''; +--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Grants for | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO 'exileuser'@'' IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD '*xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' | | GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `exiledb`.* TO 'exileuser'@'' | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ 2 rows in set (0.00 sec) In this case, is the IP of your game server, and "exileuser" is a stand-in for the user of the database, and "exiledb" is a stand-in for the database name itself in the above examples. Alternatively, you may see 'exileuser'@'%'. The % character just means any IP address can attempt a login as that user, with the right credentials. Normally MySQL will throw an error about not being able to access a database when one exists, but the correct privileges are not in place -- so I believe the database is either A) Missing, or B) The permissions of the user trying to access the database are so low, they do not even have usage permissions to list databases at all.
  13. Lucius

    Access Violation (Server stops)

    No light to shed, other than I'm having the exact same issue as you. Updated MS Visual C++ to 2015 version (installed BOTH x64 and x86 versions). Using the latest versions of the Exile files. Confirmed via a steam verify that all files are there for the base Arma 3 install. No idea why this could be happening. Seems random to me as well. I was using Ryanzombies but I just removed it to see if that helps with the crashes. Just trying to narrow things down by removing mods one by one to see if that helps. Were you using it as well?
  14. Lucius

    How to change helicopter colors?

    Apparently this was my bad -- I didn't even realize there was a second customs shop. :)
  15. So, maybe I'm just missing something, but I'm unable to change the hellcat from Green > FIA colors. The item clearly exists in the game, as I can confirm it's in the assets, and set as a skin. However, when I go to the Exile Customs shop at the airport with the green version, it always tells me I need to be the last driver of a vehicle within 50m of the Exile Customs shop -- which, in this case, I was the driver of the chopper and within that distance. Sorry if this is the wrong forum, just trying to figure out if there is another method of changing helicopter colors I'm unaware of.