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  1. strange ... some idea?
  2. Hmm i copy BuryCorpse.sqf to mpmission/custom/bury/BuryCorpse.sqf And change in config.cpp to class HideBody: ExileAbstractAction { title = "<t color='#ff0000'>Bury corpse</t>"; condition = "!(alive ExileClientInteractionObject) && ('Exile_Melee_Shovel' isEqualTo (currentWeapon player))"; action = "_this call VNM_fnc_Hidebody"; }; then i add this to init. //BuryCorpse VNM_fnc_Hidebody = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "Custom\Bury\BuryCorpse.sqf"; But if i try hide body... wont work like video Here is mine.
  3. Please how to change distance for deploy bike? thanks
  4. Wont work any update?
  5. Here you find it ;-) https://www.exilemod.com/topic/26574-release-exile-chernarus-2035-traders-spawn-zones/
  6. Add to mission.sqm this : binarizationWanted=0; addons[]= { "exile_client", "A3_Ui_F", "A3_Signs_F", //Chernarus 2035 "map_sz_fall", "CARoads2"
  7. Hello i really need help with this old repair script... wheels and glass menu working but repair/salvage fueltank,body,engine does not work. No menu for fueltank,body,engine. Deleted...
  8. hogansheroes Please help thanks !
  9. Hello i use this script but a can repair only wheels and glass but i need engine,body,fueltank....please help
  10. Hello i use this script but a can repair only wheels and glass but i need engine,body,fueltank....please help
  11. I have... i think problem is in the arma3 server profile.
  12. You see in the picture. I tow car but towing car is in the barrack texture...
  13. I do not want to .. i need fix this.
  14. Hi please i have this problem.. is chance to fix this?