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  1. Omen

    [RELEASE] Standalone Parachute / Halo Jump.

    It actually is working, we just did not get the Exile alert message saying we could cut away from our chute with shift+alt+v but pressing that key combo does in fact cut away your chute! Thank you for porting this to standalone @kuplion
  2. Omen

    [RELEASE] Standalone Parachute / Halo Jump.

    I can't think of anything else that could be conflicting. We don't have anything custom that touches player spawning. We can cut away from and re-deploy chutes all day if we bail out of an air vehicle, just not when we spawn in.
  3. Omen

    [RELEASE] Standalone Parachute / Halo Jump.

    @kuplion All files are identical to your latest repo. Possible bug or something conflicting with our server? Anything else I can provide you with to troubleshoot?
  4. Omen

    [RELEASE] Standalone Parachute / Halo Jump.

    I installed this yesterday. I will reinstall in case I missed something.
  5. Omen

    [RELEASE] Standalone Parachute / Halo Jump.

    Hey @kuplion Should we be able to cut away from our chute when parachuting in after a respawn? We used to be able to cut away from chutes after spawning with the ExAd version but seem to be unable to with your standalone. Everything else works flawlessly.
  6. Omen

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    Are we supposed to do anything with the included mission.sqm file?
  7. From what I can tell, BE port is now +4 from the game port if you are running multiple servers or running on a non-default port. Example: game port = 2322 / BE port = 2326
  8. Omen

    [CLOSED] ArmA 1.78 is out

    So is the new BE port +4 from the game port? game port = 2324 / BE port = 2326?
  9. Can you explain how you got this to work? We are doing something similar and are having the same problems you were.
  10. Omen

    [Release] Recruit Ai Bodyguards

    Is this something we should take a stab at or would we possibly see "command AI" functionality in a later update?
  11. Omen

    [Release] Recruit Ai Bodyguards

    @aussie battler Yep, that's the one Having them board your vehicle would be great to transport them with you from mission to mission or to your base where you can have them disembark and then follow you to a location where you can have them stay put and guard your base.
  12. Omen

    [Release] Recruit Ai Bodyguards

    I haven't tried this yet but it looks great. I will throw it on our dev server. A great feature, if it's not already in, is to scroll action on the AI and tell them to get into a vehicle. Fums had a mission that had you tell hostages to get into your vehicle. You could also tell them to follow you or stay put. Those would also make this great.
  13. Omen

    [XM8 APP] Enigma XM8 Security

    Having a write-up on how to get it to work with ExAD would be great especially since the required xm8apps script by shix doesn't even exist anymore. Edit: never mind, I see the git for the xm8 security isn't even online anymore. Disregard.
  14. Omen

    [XM8 App] Apoc's Airdrop Assistance

    Maybe a toast message saying their items were canceled due to non-payment. Is there any way to make subtraction of poptabs happen the moment they place the order? Then there won't be any confusion as to why an airdrop blew up. Also, some players may want a more difficult server where there is a risk of drops being shot down along the way and losing their pop tabs. Also, how would we add an announcement to broadcast to all "A player has requested a supply drop to their location" in a toast message / system chat?
  15. Omen

    Monthly Message Limit

    Dear Eichi, Would it be possible to increase our monthly sending limit on our 3 Exile servers? But first, we need to see if you can help us update the IP address of said 3 servers, in the admin console, since we had a catastrophic hardware failure at our data center and had to be moved to a new machine which means new IPs. If we could get this squared away, we'd be so happy Thanks, Damien