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  1. redbutterbox

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    New Vcom3 (script version) works like a charm. Running Vcom with A3XAI and DMS. AI are suddenly smart. Do remember to add to CfgRemoteExec: class VCM_ServerAsk { allowedTargets = 2; };
  2. redbutterbox

    Best place to rent a server

    Dedi - Highly recommended.
  3. Works fine. You use it as a server-side mod, no need for A3Launcher to list it.
  4. redbutterbox

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Works like a charm. Finally some mission cycling.
  5. redbutterbox

    Need help with wages code

    I tried this in initPlayerLocal (custom being our custom code folder): #include "custom\wages.sqf", no result, nada? What am I missing? UPDATE/SOLVED: The #include has to be at the very beginning, even before checking for headless clients or server instance: // // initPlayerLocal // #include "wages.sqf" if (!hasInterface || isServer) exitWith {}; // ...more code ........ Ty MGT!
  6. redbutterbox


    [NOR/EU]WestVikings Redux|Zs|Fishing|Sell crate|Vec|Rappel|Enh-move|Tow|Custom Chernarus Redux Welcome to WestVikings Chernarus Redux - the latest in apocalyptic warfare. Four mature, active admins with 15k++ Arma hours between them. Noob friendly. Militarized. "We made a server we like to play on." Mods required: Exile, Chernarus Redux, CUP Weapons, CUP Vehicles, CUP Units, CUP Terrains Core, Ryanzombies, Chums buggy, NIArms complete, Fox Survivalcars, LAGO Biken Anti-materiel rifle Extended Base Mod, Advanced Urban Rappelling, Enhanced Movement, Features: Custom respect based load-outs Custom "impossible" AI City with insane loot Custom military roadblocks w/cars,gear Custom buildings Custom loot types Custom loot spawn in boxes Custom Radiation zones with epic loot Custom traders Custom Black market unsafe-zones Custom missions Custom cap missions Custom military check-points Custom AI Heli patrols Scary zombies in big cities and military installations *only* Enhanced movement Rappelling from heli Advanced urban rappelling from buildings Wages - paycheck every 5min. Fishing - get rich quick and easy Vector building Vehicle loading (IGI load) Advanced sling loading Sell whole mission crates 15k start cash Heli spawns Plane spawns Virtual garage Lock grinding Base spawn Safe/flag/container hacking Extended base mod CUP vehicles Fox's survival cars/Chums buggy NIArms - complete CUP weapons LAGO 20mm sniper 3 hour restarts Loong day, short night WestVikings Facebook group: WestVikings Steam group: Happy hunting!
  7. redbutterbox

    ARMA C#/JS/Python Extension - Compile on the fly

    I have the same question as above - can I use this with Battleye active on server? (thought all external calls to DLL's would make Battleye go apeshit unless whitelisted.) I can see a bright future replacing a bit of exilemod script with equivalent native code.
  8. redbutterbox

    Use MariaDB instead of MySQL

    Exotic? You did read the MariaDB is a binary drop in replacement for MySql right?
  9. redbutterbox

    Extended Base Mod

    Possibly infistar anti-glitch teleporting them?
  10. redbutterbox

    1.66 BUGS/PROBLEMS HOTFIX Released!

    How to revert to the old Arma v1.64: - right click arma3 in steam - "properties" - "Betas" - Enter this code: Arma3Legacy164 - "Check code" - From the drop-down list above, select: "Legacy - Legacy build 1.64"
  11. redbutterbox

    Can't enter the lobby.

    It is usually the enclosing bracket or parenthesis before the block you are in. ...or a missing/superfluous comma, semi-colon, quote or array value before the line reported.
  12. redbutterbox

    Using Status Bar Real Server UPTime

    did you ever get this working?
  13. redbutterbox

    [SOLVED] DB Error Over Night

    Glad to hear it works :-)
  14. redbutterbox

    [SOLVED] DB Error Over Night

    The you have the wrong DLL
  15. redbutterbox

    Player joining taking forever

    Go QGS, we run with them as well. As far as I can recall, the price is higher but not double. They are currently upgrading their hardware for even better performance.