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  1. @Softii Some players use that "User interface" setting in medium or "standard" size, and as consequence our statusbar does not fit in their screen.. First thing I did was remove the Ambient/Body Temp indicator... it would be interesting to make them use the heatpacks, though.. we are playing mostly on the summer verion instead of Winthera, for now...
  2. @Softii Your correct man, thx... One hour after typing that desperate post (I spent some 12h on those 2 problems) I figured it out: It was just a }; more than necessary in my config.cpp. During the creation of the cfgEnvironment for Panthera (so simple, copy and paste/edit) I pasted that }; where it shouldn't be.... All fixed! Best of all, the loot showed up, traders list all objects, all caused by that simple typo... :-)
  3. Hi All!! __< basic subject: Porting/Updating OPs Panthera Server to Arma3 1.72 + Exilemod 1.0.3 > __ Guys I decided to set a Panthera server up. Thanks to the OP I got it running, it works at 100% (I mean, Ai patrols, Bandit/Static missions, ZCP capture points, Paradrops, Crates, it is already fun and we really like that map)! It has clear waters like Lingor, desert like Takistan, Mountains like Tanoa/Bornholm/Taviana/Napf, Islands like Malden etc... and has a Winter version too! BUT... 1) Problem 1 (Trader lists are empty, despite the files are there) 2) Problem 2 (Lockers do not accept the values typed) ## Edit: both problems were due to an extra }; in the config.cpp, when I copied/pasted/edited the cfgEnvironment section for Panthera. =CF=Dragunov- (Linus)
  4. The upper part of your .rpt have errors related to this issue:
  5. I didn't read all the thread, but noticed you guys were focused in startup parameters... Some other things to consider: - Server must be showing in the ingame browser 1st - Server must be up 99.9% of the time - Query Ports must be open (not firewalled) - Some players must have joined in the last 48h, maybe using direct connect -After all that, in some 3-4 days your server will be showing in the A3Launcher too... If you keep shutting it off (for minor adjustments), if you leave it for hours a day offline, if nobody joins it (making it noticed by query servers), if query ports firewalled (or masked), if it does not show even in the ingame browser, there is no way it would appear in the A3Launcher server list... Just some thoughts, good luck! =CF=Dragunov
  6. This (OP) error showed-up when my server took too long to start-up, optimized a bit and it went away.
  7. You may create a marker called "PVP Zone" with any size and position you want, that will be just a map feature; Some PVE servers, however, have warnings to players saying "you have entered a PVP Zone" etc... Some may remove the friendly tags inside those PVP zones too, some might even reward (or punish) based on player killings inside and out of the PVP Zone. I am interested in those scripts too, will start doing some testing now, but it would be sooo nice if someone posted some tips and links here ;-)
  8. Feb 18th, 2017 and a3Launcher still trying to download "the birds and the bees" instead of HVP... No wonder why so many players were being kicked off the server... so FMP FTW...
  9. How come I haven't thought of this (will try for next BI "Update"): ppEffectDestroy BIS_UpdateBugs; Seems legit!
  10. Of the listed glitches, we managed to fix most on our server, except - Blurred vision on respawn - clones when players log-off (at the moment we kind of like the clones lol, players swear they stole an Apache today - hmmm player must have logged off in the heli pilot seat... Thanks to all those who posted fixes! PS: some players referred a drop to 1fps during huge explosions, couldn't even type in chat... anyone else? We never had that complaint before...
  11. No need for videos, just go to: Exile.Altis \ ExAdClient \ VirtualGarage and in the customize.sqf file edit this line (set it to "false"): ExAd_VG_CLEAN_ON_STORE = true; //BOOLEAN - If vehicle inventory should reset when stored. So it should look like this: ExAd_VG_CLEAN_ON_STORE = false; //BOOLEAN - If vehicle inventory should reset when stored. Just that!
  12. Hi All, This is my third mission for a3_dms, the idea was to bring some fun use for the "Kavala Hospital" in Kavala, Altis. A nice building in urban surrounding. Close to the sea and some mountains around. Hospitals are extremely important in conflict areas so players must free the hospital from the terrorists. Not many objects were placed, I added some objects just as an example in case the admin wants to add custom objects. Thx @Defent for the awesomeness! Download the mission: http://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3UN008pJiGkNDEyRlhHMmtvOG8 Three steps for installing Kavala_Hospital Mission: Add as a regular static mission: Changes in a3_dms: 1 - Just drop kavala_hospital.sqf in a3_dms static missions folder: \a3_dms\missions\static\ 2 - Just drop kavala_hospital_objects.sqf in a3_dms static objects folder: \a3_dms\objects\static 3 - Edit map_configs/altis_config.sqf and add "kavala_hospital" to the missions and "kavala_hospital_objects" to its objects. That's it! Suggestions are welcome! =CF=Dragunov - My other a3_dms missions::
  13. Thx for the support guys, remember to check my 1st mission, the Radioactive Area mission for a3_dms...
  14. Sorry for waking up an old thread, this is to confirm that those errors are RHS related. Just installed RHS and those lines showed-up in rpt for the first time. For ppl that see this error in the future.